#BiyaHEROes and Other Guide for Your Creative Exploration

#BiyaHEROes and Other Guide for Your Creative Exploration

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Have you ever felt that eagerness to explore and try new things but you don’t have enough time, money, or drive to actually do them? If you want to travel and explore a new environment, you may have doubts because of your other commitments. Here are some questions I ask myself before I go somewhere or travel.

What about my job?  Stop thinking about your job for the meantime. Instead, think about your life and the experiences you’ll encounter once you travel. Actually, you can explore even if you have the job. I have lots of friends who do that every weekend. If you share this sentiment, then you must check this exclusive group: Manila Weekend Explorers (20’s/30’s)

Let’s get it straight: just file a vacation leave for your travel. It’s as simple as that; just make sure you have enough funds for your travel. Some people think that traveling is too expensive, but not all travel plan is expensive. On the other hand, traveling is worth it no matter how big your expenses are. Traveling is worth a try and it can really give you new and wonderful life experiences.

What would I do when I get there? This question can really be hard to answer because it always depends on what you want to see and go. Plan in advance, research the internet, and make a detailed itinerary so you can make the most out of your trip.

How can I book my travel? There are a lot of ways to book your travel, whether you are a solo traveler or with a group. You can book your ‘’BIYAHE’’ to anywhere. I’ll give you a list of awesome traveler’s web and app that can really help you plan and book your travel in advance and guide you.

BiyaHeroes – The best way to fall in love with the Philippines is to experience it. #Biyaheroes fights for the right to explore our beautiful country with ease and convenience. They are now starting a travel revolution by first making public transport better and more efficient for everyone.

#BiyaHEROes and Other Guide for Your Creative Exploration

Agoda – Offers accommodation booking services through its website and mobile app.

#BiyaHEROes and Other Guide for Your Creative Exploration

BookyThis is a free food app for iOS and Android in the Philippines. Instantly find or book a place to eat from over 12000+ restaurants around the Philippines.

#BiyaHEROes and Other Guide for Your Creative Exploration

Other Blogs – Of course, other blogs will also help you choose your plan and destination. They also provide a comprehensive and personal experience that you can expect and encounter once you decided to travel on the same destination that other bloggers go to. 🙂

Lakad Pilipinas |  Tuklaserang Matipid | Out Of Town Blog | Pinoy Travel Blog | Lakwatsero | Eazytraveler  | Lakas | Ivan Henares |  Pinoy On The Road | We Are Sole Sisters |Biyahe Ni Drew

When and where should I start exploring? I suggest you travel when you are still young. Always remember, ‘’life is too short.’’ That’s really the truth and we never can tell what will happen next so I suggest start aiming for your goals in exploring new things, places and etc. It will help you a lot in thinking about your real goals in life, experiencing different cultures, and creating new cool ideas when you go to different places. Because different environment/places can really affect your creative space and thinking.

“What if I’m too old to travel?” It may not seem easy to travel but find ways to get out of your comfort zone it’s never too late to travel. 🙂 If you haven’t gotten sucked into the routine of life yet, I implore you – #travel!!. It will never be easier than it is right now for you to do that which really matters.  – Jeff Goins

To be honest, these questions can really be frustrating if this is your first time to explore new places. But for me, it is good to explore new places because it really helps you a lot in thinking and experiencing new things in your life. Remember this “life is too short” anything can happen in any minute that’s why I suggest you go along with your travel plan and explore more.

Feel free to comment below if you find this helpful for your creative exploration needs. Cheers! :)


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  1. This is advice I wish I’d focused on more when I was younger, because it’s true. It’s not that it’ll never be possible for us, but right now with six young kids, I can’t help but feel that I wish my husband and I had spent just a little more of our pre-children life traveling.

  2. Your advice is sound. I wish I could go back and travel more, and I wish I could find the time and the money to do it now. It makes me sad to know that there are so many places I will never see.

  3. Good advice. Don’t put travel off until you can “afford” to go. My parents both died before reaching retirement and my husband’s father was in a car accident that made travel very difficult for him.

  4. I agree that you should travel when you are young- and then keep it up! Travel is rich with rewarding experiences.