Become a Contributor at Thinkable Box: Share Your Voice with the World!

Why Choose Thinkable Box?

Do you have a captivating story to tell or valuable advice to share? We invite you to join us as a content contributor at Thinkable Box! Your insights and creativity can positively impact our community and beyond. Here’s how you can get involved:

How to Submit/Contribute:

  1. Sign In: Use your Twitter account to log in.
  2. Complete Details: As a “Content Contributor,” provide the necessary information. Get creative with your profile—it’s your chance to shine!
  3. Compose and Publish: Craft your article with passion. Share your unique perspective, advice, or story. Once it’s ready, hit that publish button and watch your words reach a wider audience.

Benefits of Joining:

  • Credited Work: All contributions will be attributed to you under the Thinkable Box platform.
  • Social Media Exposure: Your social media accounts will be featured at the end of your article, allowing readers to connect with you directly.
  • Promotion Opportunity: At the end of your post, you can promote content related to your article, providing an additional avenue to showcase your interests.

Major Commitment:

  • Content Creation: As a content contributor, you commit to creating blog content—whether curated or original—as long as you’re ready to share.
  • Voluntary Participation: Your involvement in Thinkable Box is entirely voluntary and free. By joining, you become a part of a vibrant community.
  • Assigned Role: You’ll be designated as a Content Contributor, allowing you to contribute your unique insights.
  • Content Review: Your work will be reviewed by a member of the Thinkable Box team. There might be minor changes to enhance the overall quality.

What We Can’t Accept:

We’re committed to maintaining a high standard of content. We appreciate your understanding that we cannot accept:

  1. Rehashed Content: Articles already covered on our blog or published elsewhere. Please research our site before submitting to ensure uniqueness.
  2. Link-building Schemes: Content that could be seen as a link-building strategy won’t align with our goals.
  3. Excessive Promotion: Content overly promotional for your company or organization needs to fit our platform.
  4. Offensive or Inaccurate Content: Anything offensive or inaccurate doesn’t contribute positively to the community.
  5. Negative Critiques: Thinkable Box isn’t a platform for airing grievances against individuals or companies.

Questions or Clarifications:

If you have any inquiries or need clarifications, please reach out to us at thinkablebox @ gmail. com. We’re here to assist and guide you through the process.

Join Us for Mutual Benefit:

Your contributions will benefit not only you but also Thinkable Box and our wider community. By sharing your unique insights, you’re enriching the collective knowledge and making a positive impact. We’re excited to welcome you into our community of thinkers and creators. Let’s embark on this journey of sharing and learning together!


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