Somertone Self-Portrait Studio in Amadeo

Somertone Self-Portrait Studio in Amadeo

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If you love capturing memories or adore striking a pose, you’re in for a treat! Try this Somertone Self-Portrait Studio in Amadeo (Near Tagaytay). It offers a great experience for those looking to capture their special moments. Whether you’re an aspiring photographer, a selfie enthusiast, or just looking for a fun activity, Somertone provides the perfect photo studio for your creative expression.

Why Visit Somertone Self-Portrait Studio in Amadeo?

Capture Your Best Self

With various backdrops and accessories, you can express your creativity and capture stunning self-portraits that reflect your personality.

Cozy, Warm, and Clean Ambiance

Somertone Self-Portrait Studio in Amadeo provides you with a cozy place. The wooden accents, soft furnishings, and warm lighting create an inviting atmosphere. Even your little ones can explore the area while you’re busy capturing memories. It’s a space where creativity flows freely.

Guests are requested to wear slippers provided by the studio upon entering the studio to maintain cleanliness. It’s a thoughtful touch that ensures a pristine environment for everyone.

Family-Friendly Environment

A comfortable environment for visitors of all ages. It’s a space where even kids can freely explore and enjoy.

Entertainment While You Wait

Waiting for your turn? Somertone Self-Portrait Studio in Amadeo has you covered. Unwind with their PlayStation 5 (PS5). Whether you’re a gaming enthusiast or want to relax, the PS5 adds a playful twist to your experience.

Convenience at Your Fingertips (Restroom and Wi-Fi)

Convenience is key. Need a quick touch-up or a moment of solitude? The studio provides restroom. Stay connected with their Wi-Fi—share your behind-the-scenes moments with friends and family.

Parking Area

You’ll bring a car? Somertone Self-Portrait Studio in Amadeo offers a dedicated parking area for guests. Your journey to self-expression begins right at the doorstep.

Tips for Capturing Great Self-Portrait Photos

Here’s a guide on how to take great self-portrait photos at Somertone:

Plan Your Outfit

  • Color Coordination: Match your outfit colors with the backdrop for a harmonious look. Choose neutral or solid colors to stand out if the backdrop is colorful.
  • Comfort is Key: Wear something you feel good in. Comfort translates into better poses and more natural expressions.
  • Accessorize: Small details like jewelry or a hat can add an exciting element to your photos.

Experiment with Props

  • Theme It Up: Choose props that match the theme of your backdrop—for example, a vintage camera and eue-glasses for a retro set. You can also bring your own props.
  • Interaction: Use props you can interact with, like a mirror or a book, to create dynamic photos.
  • Keep It Simple: Don’t overcrowd your photo with props. One or two essential items are enough to make a statement.

Play with Angles

  • High and Low: Try shooting from above or below to see how it changes the photo’s mood.
  • Profile and Full Face: Side profiles can be as powerful as a full-face shot—experiment with turning your head in different directions.
  • Body Positioning: Shift your weight, change your stance, or try sitting versus standing to discover new angles.

Express Yourself

  • Mood Matters: Think about the emotion you want to convey. Are you going for a thoughtful look or something more playful?
  • Eyes are the Window: Your eyes can communicate a lot. Try looking away from the camera or directly into the lens to vary your expression.
  • Movement: Don’t be afraid to move around. Spin, jump, or walk towards the camera to capture motion and life in your photos.

Remember, the goal is to have fun and let your unique self shine through in your self-portraits at Somertone Self-Portrait Studio. Enjoy the process, and you’ll be sure to come away with photos you love!

Booking Your Experience

Appointments are essential. Book in advance to secure your slot in Somertone Self-Portrait Studio. Whether it’s a solo session, a family shoot, or a fun day out with friends!

Packages & Rates

For detailed information on packages and rates, visit Somertone Studio’s official Facebook page or explore their website. From basic packages to customized experiences, you’ll find options that suit your preferences and budget.

Somertone Classic – Swift Self Shoot

For those who want a quick and fun photo session, the Somertone Classic is perfect. At just ₱500, you get:

  • 10 minutes of unlimited self-shooting
  • 10 minutes to select your favorite photos
  • Choose from 1 backdrop color
  • Take home 1 postcard print and 2 photocard prints
  • Plus, receive 5 enhanced soft copies to share online

Somertone Exclusive – Most Popular Package

Our Somertone Exclusive package is a fan favorite. For ₱1,000, enjoy:

  • 25 minutes of unlimited self-shooting
  • 10 minutes for photo selection
  • Variety with 2 backdrop colors
  • 1 postcard print and 4 photocard prints
  • And the best part? You get all enhanced soft copies of your shoot!

Somertone Digital – Longest Shooting Time

For the digital-savvy, the Somertone Digital offers the most time to perfect your shots. For ₱1,500, this package includes:

  • 40 minutes of unlimited self-shooting
  • 3 backdrop colors for creative variety
  • All enhanced soft copies of your photos
  • Note: This package does not include printed photos

Graduation Package – Capture Your Milestone

Celebrate your academic achievements with our Graduation Package. For only ₱500, you’ll get:

  • 10 minutes of unlimited self-shooting
  • 10 minutes to pick your best shots
  • 2 backdrops (1 graduation theme + 1 color of your choice)
  • A special 5R print with an IKEA frame and 2 photocards
  • 10 enhanced soft copies for lasting memories

Capture the moments that matter with Somertone’s tailored photoshoot packages. Whether a quick session or an extensive shoot, book your session today and create memories!

How to Get there in Somertone Self-Portrait Studio in Amadeo

  • If you’re from Imus, Dasma, or Bacoor, you can ride a bus (with a route sign of Amadeo) and tell the driver to drop you off in “Barangay Hall of Salaban – Amadeo”. The studio is located right infront of it. Beside the But First, Coffee – Amadeo.
  • You can use this Google Maps tto find the exact location of the studio.

Contact Information of Somertone Self-Portrait Studio in Amadeo

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