of Cavite Bloggers that you should be connecting with

List of Cavite Bloggers that You Should Be Connecting With

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If you’re a company or brand in Cavite, you should be looking at the bloggers in your area to help market your products and services. Thinkable Box is on a mission to round up the Cavite Bloggers that every company/brand should have on their radar! I’ve put together a list of our top picks for Cavite Bloggers so that you can see who might be a good fit for your campaigns. You can find them below:

Renz Simpao of Thinkable Box

Renz Simpao is an Educator, Blogger, and Freelance Digital Marketer who helps different brands achieve their goals with a combined experience of 8 years in B2C, program development, and course training. His passion is to create engaging content in food, event, hotels, real estate, travel, finance, and gadgets. Follow him for more details on thinkablebox.com | Facebook @thinkablebox | Instagram @rasimpao

Karla of Travel with Karla

Karla is a teacher who loves traveling. Besides her journey about blogging and fitness, she also creates travel guides, food reviews, movie reviews, and even product reviews. Karla’s goal is to help you live your best life by sharing her travel tips and hacks. She wants to inspire you to start planning your next trip so you can experience the world in a new way! Follow her for more details on travelwithkarla.com | Facebook @travelwithkarla | Instagram @travelwithkarla

Katrina & Dave of Happy and Busy Travels

Happy and Busy Travels is a couple-bloggers who love to eat, explore, travel, and do a lot of activities. They like sharing their experiences with food, travel, hotels, etc. They also give tips on how to travel like a pro and some insider tips on what to do when traveling in different countries. Follow them for more details on happyandbusytravels.com | Facebook @happyandbusytravels | Instagram @happyandbusytravels

Chelsea of Chelseasayo.com

Chelsea Sayo is a beauty and lifestyle blogger from Cavite. A systems analyst by profession and a blogger by purpose and passion. Chelsea is passionate about beauty and lifestyle by sharing her tips and experiences. In her blog, she shares her thoughts on makeup, travel, food, events, etc. Follow her for more details on chelseasayo.com | Facebook @chelseasayoofficial | Instagram @chelseasayo.

South Bloggers: Bloggers’ Community in the Southern Luzon of the Philippines

Adam of Adambelda.net

Adam Belda started his blog in 2012 and has been writing about food, travel, online games, gaming events, and technology. Currently, he is the founder of Relaks Gaming Esports Pro Team, one of the top groups in League of Legends – Philippines. Follow him for more details on adambelda.net | Facebook @adambeldablogs | Instagram @adambelda.

Mark of All About Cavite

Mark started the All About Cavite; this is your ultimate guide in exploring Cavite. He wants to share what he knows about this beautiful place with you so that you can experience the beauty of Cavite. Follow him for more details on allaboutcavite.com | Facebook @allaboutcavite | Instagram @allaboutcavite.

Elaine of Wild and Sassy Blog

Elaine of Wild and Sassy Blog is a lifestyle, food, travel, and beauty blogger who also shares Kdrama reviews. She is based in Tagaytay City in the Philippines. Elaine’s blog features her adventures as she travels, from attending events to dining out to visiting local attractions and many more. Follow her for more details on elainedogelio.com | Facebook @wildandsassyblog | Instagram @wildandsassyblog.

Lee of Ilovepaars.com

Lee of I Love Paars focuses on dependability and travel itinerary, Food review, hotel staycations, and family life. Follow her for more details on ilovepaars.com | Facebook @mommaleeadventures | Instagram @lee.gatz @ilovepaars.

Janella of Your Tita Ja

Janella of Your Tita Ja from Tagaytay. She’s into lifestyle, food, travel and many more. Janella is a lifestyle blogger who loves to travel and she’s always looking for new places to explore. Follow her for more details on yourtitaja.net | Facebook @yourtitaja | Instagram @yourtitaja.

Top Cavite Blogger

Let’s work together. Email me at rasimpao@gmail.com if you’re a Business Owner looking for Bloggers to amplify your brand. You can check these 5 Reasons to Hire a Blogger.


Suppose you’re a Blogger from Cavite and want to be part of this list. Feel free to comment below your details, and I’ll update my list. 


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Renz Simpao

Hello, I'm Renz Simpao, an Educator, Blogger, and Freelance Digital Marketer who helps different brands to achieve their aim goals with a combined experience of 8 years in B2C, program development, and course training.


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  1. OMG! Andami ko palang kakilala na Cavite bloggers. It should be my next stop when I travel and hopefully meet you guys. You all are amazing! I’m working on uniting bloggers as well where I live and build a community kasi masaya pa rin pag may kasama hahah char! Pero seriously… hope to meet you guys soon!

  2. Hi bloggers of Cavite! I will open a new co working space at The heart of Cavite, Imus. I’d like to meet bloogers to visit my place this coming January 2019!

  3. Hello Renz! Thanks for including me in this list. I’d love to collaborate with other bloggers in Cavite! There’s so much places to see and activities to do here.

  4. Glad that I got to meet some of the bloggers! It’s great that Cavite peeps are active in blogging!!! Would love to meet others toooooo