of Cavite Bloggers that you should be connecting with

List of Cavite Bloggers that You Should Be Connecting With

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Thinkable Box is on a mission to round up the Cavite Bloggers that every company/brand should have on their radar!

Chelsea Sayo

 of Cavite Bloggers that you should be visiting

I started my blog in September last year. What inspired me to write real, honest reviews is more than passion; it is to provide a way to give value and to help others. I believe that there is more beyond product labels and product commercials. That is – experience. We learn from experience and from there I started to find my purpose and mission: to educate, to share, and to inspire.

 Blog Name: Chelsea Sayo – Beauty & Lifestyle | Niche: Beauty & Lifestyle

Website: http://chelseasayo.com/ | Email: chelsea.sayo@gmail.com

Facebook: fb.com/chelseasayoreviews

Instagram: instagram.com/sayochelsea

Karla Obispo

My name is Karla. I’m a 25 year old travel blogger. I’m a full time English Proficiency Guide. Whenever I have free time, I travel around. If I’m not traveling, I’m watching Korean Dramas!

Blog Name: Travel with Karla | Niche: Travel & Lifestyle

Website: https://travelwithkarla.com/ | Email: karla.obispo@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/travelwithkarla

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/travelwithkarla

Renz Simpao

I am a digital marketing specialist with a big love for things and ideas outside the known. I believe that being unique in many ways is a great way to express oneself. I live beyond borders but think inside a box full of limitless possibilities.

Blog Name: Thinkable Box | Niche: Lifestyle

Website: https://thinkablebox.com  | Email: thinkablebox@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thinkablebox

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rasimpao

Katrina Tiong

 of Cavite Bloggers that you should be visiting

We are Happy (that’s me! Katrina Tiong) and Busy (Dave Remulla). We are a couple who loves to eat, explore, travel, and do a lot of activities. We become a couple back in 2015 during our trip to Malaysia. That is our first trip together as friends, and as a couple. We would like to share our experiences that’s why we have decided to put up a blog. We hope that our readers get some ideas by reading through our blogs.

Blog Name: Happy and Busy Travels | Niche: Travel and Leisure

Website: https://www.happyandbusytravels.com | Email: experience@happyandbusytravels.com 

Facebook: www.facebook.com/happyandbusytravels

Instagram: www.instagram.com/happyandbusytavels

Ara Patria

 of Cavite Bloggers that you should be visiting

Hello, My name is Ara behind the name of The Adventuress page. I blog about travel and food. I’d love to share my passion and experiences with you.

Blog Name: Adventures of Ara | Niche: Travel and Food

Website: www.adventuresofara.wordpress.com | Email: arapatria@gmail.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/arapatria/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aratheadventuress/

Earl Joshua Sampaga

Earl Sampaga is a blogger, founder of Earlrsfeeds (est. 2016) dedicated to the modern lifestyle of millennials. He is also a freelance Ambassador and Content Creator that is passionate to be in the field of Digital Marketing and Advertising.

Blog Name: Earlrsfeeds – Travel, Aesthetic, Style | Niche: Lifestyle, Food, Travel, Tech, Millennial Blogs

Website: www.earlrsfeeds.com| Email: earlrsfeedsx@gmail.com

Instagram: Instagram.com/earlrsfeedsx

Facebook: Facebook.com/earlrsfeeds

Youtube: Youtube.com/earlrsfeeds

Anj Columna

of Cavite Bloggers that you should be visiting

Foodie Mom, traveler and Music enthusiast

Blog Name: Anj’s Column | Niche: Food, Travel, and Music

Website: http://anjcolumna.com/ | Email: anjcolumna@gmail.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/anjcolumna

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/angie.columna

Kae Reyes

of Cavite Bloggers that you should be visiting

I’m a Freelance Blogger loves to explore new things like food, travel and styling. I share it through my social media accts and photo blogging and hopefully could inspire people.

Blog Name: Okaereyes – Your Foodie Traveller in Style | Niche: Food, Travel & Style

Website: www.okaereyes.wordpress.com | Email: okaereyes@gmail.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/okaereyes/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/okaereyesYFTS

Jenny Lind Medenilla

of Cavite Bloggers that you should be visiting

The Transport Queen is a Super Mommy who loves everything and anything under the sun. She’s a traveler, an entrepreneur, a supporter of different advocacies, an environmentalist and a Cooperative Movement advocate. You can catch her in blogging gigs if she’s not busy in monitoring a fleet, or in diff. Coop activities. Going out somewhere out of town is her favorite part of the weekend with family.

Blog Name: The Transport Queen | Niche: Travel, Food, Lifestyle and Business

Website: www.thetransportqueen.wordpress.com | Email: jenny.transportqueen@gmail.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thetransportqueen/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/thetransportqueen

Stephen Tupas

of Cavite Bloggers that you should be visiting

I’m Stephen Tupas and I’m into Lifestyle, Beauty & Skincare, Food and Travel. My current advocacy is Men should do Skincare too!

Blog Name: Stephen Tupas | Niche: Lifestyle, Beauty & Skincare, Food, Travel

Website: http://stephentupas.com/wp | Email: contact@stephentupas.com

Instagram: instagram.com/stphntps

Facebook: facebook.com/stephenstupas

Youtube: youtube.com/c/stephentupas

Natalie Tugade

of Cavite Bloggers that you should be visiting

A blog that encompasses notes of life,spiritual journey,love of angels, cars and eiffel tower. Renewing passion into writing, talks about health, travel, lifestyle, and various event launching.

Blog Name: Seraphims Notes | Niche: Lifestyle, Food , Event Launching & Travel

Website: www.seraphimsnotes.blogspot.com | Email: natztrax_04@yahoo.com

Instagram: http://instagram.com/seraphimblue44

Facebook: www.facebook.com/seraphimsnotes

Gen Roraldo

of Cavite Bloggers that you should be visiting

I am a solo mom by choice, breastfeeding advocate, babywearing enthusiast, cosleeping and raising an unplugged kid kind of momma. The blogger behind Lifewithzg.com, the bake behind ZG bakes and the Founder of Solo Moms PH.

Blog Name: Life with ZG | Niche: Lifestyle and Motherhood

Website: http://www.lifewithzg.com/ | Email: contactlifewithzg@gmail.com

Instagram: instagram.com/lifewith.zg

Facebook: facebook.com/lifewithzg

Mommy Gracie

A hands on mom, finance advocate and great deal hunter. She loves sharing practical tips, mommy hacks and tipid mommy finds.

Blog Name:  Tipid Mommy | Niche: Mom & Finance Blog

Website: http://tipidmommy.com/  | Email: talk@tipidmommy.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/tipidmommy

Facebook: www.facebook.com/tipidmommy

Ervin Soliven

Surfing the net, that’s what I do during my free times. I blog different type of contents that will surely capture your interests. Lastly, I work for living and blog for fun.

Blog Name: Ervin Soliven

Website: https://ervinsoliven.com  | Email: mail@ervinsoliven.com 

Facebook Page Ervin Soliven | Instagram @ervinsoliven

Adam Belda

Cavite Bloggers

Adam has been blogging since 2012 and is one of the pioneer blogger/member of “looloo” app – food review app. From food blogging to travel blog and now trying the trend of VLOG world. Dancing since 2014 and is now putting up vlogs and blogs for dance events.

Blog Name: Adam Belda Blogs

Website: http://www.adambelda.com | Email: contact@adambelda.com

Instagram: @adambelda | Facebook: @adambeldablogs


Cavite Bloggers

Hey, I’m Sza! I am a graphic designer, writer, musician, and a frugal young mom. I wanted my blog to be a blessing to young moms like me through misadventures and daily life.

Blog name: Mamiszaaa Blogs
Website: https://withlovefromsza.com/ | Email: theszarenneg@outlook.com
Facebook: @mamiszaaablog | Instagram: @mamiszaaaREPLY

Top Cavite Blogger
Let’s work together? Email me at rasimpao@gmail.com
I’m also a Cavite Blogger

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If you’re a Blogger from Cavite and you want to be part of this list. Feel free to comment down below your details and I’ll update my list. 


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  1. Hi bloggers of Cavite! I will open a new co working space at The heart of Cavite, Imus. I’d like to meet bloogers to visit my place this coming January 2019!

  2. Hello Renz! Thanks for including me in this list. I’d love to collaborate with other bloggers in Cavite! There’s so much places to see and activities to do here.

  3. Glad that I got to meet some of the bloggers! It’s great that Cavite peeps are active in blogging!!! Would love to meet others toooooo

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