Happy new year to everyone!

I would like to thank all of you reading my blog.Yey! I’m very grateful to have Thinkable Box for almost a year. I was surprised that Thinkable Box is continuously increasing its network and I’ve been hearing a lot of good feedbacks about the website and also bad feedbacks..haha! (no pun intended)

Just to give you heads up about my plan for this 2016. I’ll be creating more self-boosting articles that can help you in gaining confidence, life hacks and awesome giveaways very soon!

In addition, we hope that before December 2016 we can launch our very 1st event community for Personal Development about Life Management with the Team.

Hoping this 2016 is also the success year for all of us! 

Thanks! – Renz

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"Thinkable Box Awesome Plan for 2016" by @thinkablebx

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