Procrastination: I Should Do This Later!

Understanding and Overcoming Procrastination

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Have you experienced this kind of major dilemma in finishing all your important tasks  but at the end-of-the-day you start working on different unimportant things or setting up goals with a due date but rescheduling it every time your goals are not done in the right time or doing easy tasks instead of the IMPORTANT tasks. To be honest, these examples that I mentioned are part of the indicators that you are procrastinating which may lead to good things or bad things.

Hmmnnn.. What is Procrastination?

In a nutshell, procrastination is putting off things that you should be focusing on your plans now. This could really favor other tasks that are easy and comfortable that might delay your future plans without any right excuses to postpone it. Procrastination can be a good or bad habits for you.

Why Procrastination is a Good Thing?

According to Steve McClatchy that, ”You’ve been taught that procrastination is bad it means you’re lazy, careless, disorganized, or unprofessional. But you can’t help yourself. You just don’t want to take the time to do something until the deadline is coming fast. There must be something you are getting out of it, that has been propelling this habit despite its bad reputation.

Good Benefits of Procrastination:

1. Energy – Procrastinating your tasks can boost energy because you’ll get to have an adrenaline rush when the deadline is coming. Procrastination is using your fears as a motivator when a certain deadline is coming your way, that’s why energy is one of the strongest benefits of procrastination.

2. Focus – It forces us to focus just to finish major tasks/plans that we set. The word ”Deadlines and Consequences” will trigger us to focus and be less disturbed in doing some urgent works.

3. Easy – Make your perception in the tasks in a fun and easy way because you are not doing it immediately and you have a lot of time to finish it before the deadline.

4. Faster – Makes you faster. Why? Because you have a limited time to finish your task instead of having the perception that this is difficult or tedious, you are setting up a very short period of time to finish your one hell task.

Huh.Bad Procrastination?

If you procrastinate your tasks it can really give you REAL PRESSURE that might affect your life in rushing things and providing a very LOW QUALITY of results/outputs due to limited TIME that you set. It can lower your expectations with the things that you did unless you are good at it in procrastinating even though you have limited time.

NOTE: Procrastination must not be used always because if you do, you make your goal/tasks harder to reach and it takes longer time for you to achieve things that you want to do.

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Now, how can we really overcome this procrastination and assessing ourselves if we are on the right timetable for all your goal/tasks? In addition,  procrastination is somehow part of the system for some people.

How to Overcome Procrastination

How to Overcome Procrastination

1. Assess Yourself – Assessing yourself is the best way to start on how you can overcome procrastination. Even me experienced procrastination before. I’d like to help you on how to assess with the help of these self-thought questions that I tried and helped me out in clearing out my thoughts, setting up goals and removing distractions so I can finish this in the right time.

  • Realistically speaking, What are the things you wanted to do?
  • Are you doing it right in terms of your plans?
  • Did you meet all the deadlines of your plans?
  • What are the things that keep you distracted in doing your plans?
  • How long should you take to finish my tasks/goals?
  • What are the consequences if you cannot reach your goals?

These are the questions that I used to every time I plan my tasks/goals.

2. Set a Realistic Goal/Tasks – You need to be fair enough to yourself in setting up goals that realistically achievable. You don’t want to do things that are unreachable to do, right? You don’t need to do all that things all at once, that’s why you need a timetable and to-do list so you can really monitor your timeline per goals every day.

In addition, I recommend that you should check my list of awesome tools that I used when managing my time, tasks and goals that keep me organized without any delay at all time.

3. Remove Distractions – Remove all the necessary things that keep you distracted or out of focus. This can really help you a lot in thinking and get things done.

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4. Sit Down and Work – Sometimes seeing your to-do list is quite tiring, boring or you really don’t want to work on it instead you are focusing on small tasks that are easy to do and consume less of your time. It’s quite funny because even you start working on your least tasks at the end of the day you need to work on it whether it’s easy or difficult to do. Why working on the easy tasks if you can start working on the major tasks that can give you ease of mind once you reach the final level of your goals, right?

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5. Evaluate Your Work – Lastly, you need to evaluate the work output that you did for your plans. This can really help you on the things that you need to work on more and re-organize if needed, so you can figure out what are those actions you did that really makes a good process for your tasks/goals or remove the unnecessary actions that cause waste of time.

You need to do it in the right way and perfect time without any delays that might affect your future plans. Procrastination is always there in our life, we can remove it totally or maybe we just can’t but somehow procrastination can be a good or bad for ourselves but it always depends on how will you act on it.

Just comment below if you experience this kind of procrastination and I’ll be willing to share mine too.

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  1. In some point of my life, I always procrastinate my tasks but it came to my sense that I need to stop this procrastination because it really affects my goals in life thru delaying things and wasting time for some unrelated tasks.