Level Up! Boost. Elevate. Excel Your Potentials

Level Up! Boost. Elevate. Excel Your Potentials – Columbian Squires

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In last May 2015, a youth organization built their very first team building seminar at Malinta Elementary School in Dasmarinas, Cavite.

This team building seminar talked about elevating/boosting their full potentials organized by Mark Lester Agellon, Chief Counselor of Columbian Squires. Mark Lester invited me, Founder of Thinkable Box and Mr. Raymart D. Masangya of FEU Manila to speak for their team building seminar.

It was a really nice team building and we were surprised that all of the members were actively participating in the event.

To give you an overview of what is Columbian Squires group, here’s their quick history.

Columbian Squires History

The Squires were established under the direction of Brother Barnabas McDonald, F.S.C., together with Supreme Director Daniel A. Tobin on August 4, 1925. At that time there was a national interest in youth in the United States, as reflected by the development of the Boy Scouts of America and the Big Brother movement. 

The Boy Movement Committee of the Supreme Council of the Knights of Columbus sent questionnaires to each Grand Knight and after receiving the responses met with Brother Barnabas. Brother Barnabas had gained a national reputation for his pioneering work with delinquents and orphans with no parents.

According to Brother Barnabas, “The supreme purpose of the Columbian Squires is character building.” Squires have fun and share their Catholic faith, help people in need, and enjoy the company of friends in social, family, athletic, cultural, civic and spiritual activities. Through their local circle, Squires work and socialize as a group of friends, elect their own officers, and develop into Catholic leaders. 

Here are the some programs that happened in the team building seminar

Level Up! Boost. Elevate. Excel Your PotentialsWe discussed the Innovation Engine of Tina Seelig on what are the internal and external factors that affect their ideas.

Level Up! Boost. Elevate. Excel Your PotentialsTeam building activity about limited resources and maximizing their creative ideas.

Level Up! Boost. Elevate. Excel Your PotentialsThey came up with different strategies even though they have limited resources.

Level Up! Boost. Elevate. Excel Your PotentialsWacky group posed after the team building. 

At the end of day, we were happy with the outcome of the seminar!

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