Inspirational Stories That Will Change the Way You See Life

Inspirational Stories That Will Change the Way You See Life

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It’s frustrating to know that you are stuck right in the middle of hard rocks in your life, and it seems impossible to surpass it. There are days that you keep on comparing yourself with others and you started to ask what have I done wrong, what did I missed; we’re the same age and they look quite good and contented.

Here below are three (3) videos that will make your life profound leaving you no regrets and to cherish the life that God has blessed you with.

No Arms, No Legs, No Worries!

Nick Vujicic was born without no arms, no legs; he has learned to live his life without any worries at all. He can do fishing, sailing, swimming and most of all, he loves a deserving and faithful woman.

On this video, it will make you realize that you are worth everything in this world that it has to offer, being grateful for everything despite the challenges is hard but this attitude will help you see the brighter side of life.

You may go through storms right now, but no one knows when it will end, the most important is- You have given your best, and God sees every effort you had exerted, nothing in this world is more successful than a person with a grateful heart and fighting spirit.

“It is scary to know how many girls have an eating disorder, it is scary to know how many people are just angry alive at their situation at home and to others. You are gorgeous just the way you are!” – Nick Vujicic


We live in a world where people are being selective in choosing friends; if your achievements are not voluminous they will not notice you, wherein it drives us to depression and loneliness.

Have you ever tried to be fit in a circle of friends who set standards before you could join them and for how long have you been doing this? If so, stop immediately.

On this video, the lead cast is also wearing a mask just like everybody else at the school, and by staring at them, you can see that they are just complying with everybody’s set of rules. At the end of the video, the lead cast has decided to unmasked herself and others could not believe in what they just saw.

Always remember that being unique and true to yourself can gain you a lot of real friends and chances are; you will definitely stand-out among the rest. Stop pleasing other people, the only person you have to prove is none other than is yourself; make it a point that each and every day brings you closer to someone you always dreamt of.

[Tweet ““No one can make you inferior without your consent.” –Eleanor Roosevelt”]

Veggie Soup

How can you repay someone who has done a great impact on your life? Are you willing to take risks just to save someone’s life even if it means that you are not expecting something in return?

The lead cast on this video illustrates one successful man from a poor family; he once tried to steal from a stall in the wet market to provide his sick mother a vegetable soup and a medicine.

Years after, the old man who gave him the veggie soup and a medicine got sick and he has to undergo surgery.

This video is ideal for everyone who’s losing hope in life, thinking that there are no other ways to change your destiny. Struggles are made to build you stronger not to crash you apart, learn how to appreciate others even if they are not your relatives.

Sometimes strangers can lift you up in ways you cannot imagine, treat people correspondingly and live your life as if everybody is looking up to you as the aspirant.

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