free apps when beating the deadline

Free Apps to Help You Focus When Beating a Deadline

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It’s very rare to find a tranquil place where you can focus and finish your tasks especially when you are working as a freelancer or home-based. There is inevitable noise pollution that you don’t have any control to minimize it and sometimes it really bothers you that cause you to be unproductive.

Here are some free apps you can use to focus when beating a deadline:


This free web-based app is intended for Mac users only, you can block any social media networking sites for a specific time you want or until you have finished your project. The good thing about this free web-based app, even if you turn off your personal computer and laptop it will still block the sites you chose not to appear until the time you have set for it expires.

Remember the Milk

For everyone who has an on-the-go lifestyle, this app helps you to manage all your tasks. It can send you reminders all the time through email, text, IM, Twitter applicable to Android phones, iPhone, Blackberry 10. You can even share your to-do lists to your co-employees to ensure that you are not working on the same tasks that lead you to finish the projects on time.


Compared to YouTube this has less advertisement, you can easily choose a playlist. Preventing you from spending time searching for music you’d want to listen while working, sometimes the manual selection of music online will tempt you to go and check your social media accounts for hours.


If you can’t manage yourself not to check the most shareable topics online, Digg will help you to stay focus at work and hence it will send you an email composed of the most important updates.

Digg works as your personal assistant informing you of everything you need to know and be updated if you can’t afford to spend time on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.


Feeling pressure towards your boss or the upcoming deadline? Let soundrown be your ultimate shock absorber, it allows you to choose from different calming sounds like the chirping of the birds and the sounds of the fountain, rain, waves of the ocean. This free web-based app isolates you to the real world making you focus and keeping you on the track.

To be able to be productive, aside from the free apps mentioned above you should consider taking a break every after 30 minutes; to refrain yourself to feel exhausted and to keep your ideas flowing.

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