Best Tips in Coworking Space for your Startup in Cavite

Best Tips in Coworking Space for your Startup in Cavite

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It is essential for you to be knowledgeable about why you are at a coworking space and its benefits. Whether you’re aiming to be productive without a lot of socializing, trying to establish a professional community, wanting to be around with people in a productive atmosphere, or having a customized approach to your coworking space community this place is a MUST-GO-TO for people like you.

Furthermore, here the list of tips that can benefit you to get the most out of your coworking space experience.

Best Tips in Coworking Space

1. Go Out There!
Take initiative to introduce yourself to new members!

“SMILE” to them and say GOOD MORNING!

It will go a long way, it could give you the next collaboration project, client, spark the most inspirational talk or find a new friend or love life.

Grab lunch with someone in your field and talk openly.

2. Be Sociable! Not just Networking.
Your target is not to talk to as many people as possible! One essential and engaging conversation is worth a thousand business cards.

3. Take the Lead
Run a seminar/workshop in your field of expertise or host a monthly community meeting.

Converse to your community

Best Tips in oworking Space for your Startup in Cavite | E-commerce Hands-on Training with Mommy Regine
E-commerce Hands-on Training with Mommy Regine at Coffice Workspace.

This is a great way to introduce yourself (or your company) and get to know your neighbors and possibly find a new……. friend (shhh… clients)

4. Do not sell anything!
Don’t always look for the chances to sell or market your product or services. If try you do that your coworkers will start to avoid/ignore you instantly!

5. Bright Talk!
Don’t start long chats with coworkers when they are not fully participating in the conversation, most of the time they are just being nice to you. Always ask if they are up for a good talk.

6. Connect with the Community Manager (Owner)
They will have a great information about the members and events like seminar or workshops. They can help you out to meet new people and help you with your challenges.

7. Use the Resources
Coworking adventure is really about using all the valuable resources. They provide you a good solution to help you work your best, such as meeting rooms, presentation use, printing, and complimentary snacks, coffee, and water.

8. Connect and Collaborate in the Community
If you’re not certainly wanting to go out of your way to talk to others or make bonds, at least make yourself and your business known at community events so everyone’s aware of who you are! A good way to meet your fellow coworkers is to participate in events and social gatherings organized by your coworking space.

Best Tips in Coworking Space for your Startup in Cavite Event
Freelancers collaborate for a cause.

In addition, it’s important to realize your limitations when you work for yourself. Helping each other is an essential part of coworking culture.

In a community of coworking space, generosity and an underlying spirit of helpfulness are the heart of everything.

9. Join the Online Community
Use your coworking community’s communication tool like Viber, Facebook, Whatsapp, and etc.

Join the Online Community

Additional Tips

*Set a Time/Routine and Discipline
The most important thing about being productive is that it can only be accomplished by setting a routine and be disciplined in your place. It helps you boost capacity and coworkers to be productive as well. Set timers for how long you’re going to work, and have intense focus and maintain breaks to keep your workday on track.

Be consistent and make a plan!

Headphones are the coworking sign that you do not want to be disturbed. Headphones are topmost recommendation for staying productive.

*Experiment with Other Spots Within The Space
One of the enjoyable parts of working in a coworking space is your ability to pick your work environment. Spaces are intended with different “vibes” in mind from tables and lounges to hidden corners and conference rooms.

Feel most the most comfortable space for you.


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