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Shifting the Atmosphere

We have to master our thoughts. Our thoughts would always fuel our emotion, which can then lead to our action. 4 min


It’s a busy Monday morning in the office. Everybody just cannot get over with what happened during their weekend trips and celebrations. The weekend is still in their heads. You got your own story. It was fun. Everybody was laughing and things seem to get warmed up that day. The smell of coffee in the room just kicked in, signaling that everybody is just so ready to get them in the jam of the Monday blues.

Then the door opened. Your boss walked in. A sudden silence. The birds stopped chirping. Oh, there are no birds in the office. It’s all in your head. But the reality suddenly just slapped you. Your scary boss just came in. Now you’re thinking of deadlines, your unfinished tasks last weekend, and how you would explain things that he may ask or may not. Dark. Yes. The room is dark. A while ago it was lit with morning calm. Now, it’s all full of tremor. Silence is deafening. All you are hearing now are clicks and keyboard ticks. Some true, others are just fillers to make it look like they’re working.

The scenario above may be true for some of you. If not, then good for you. But in the story, one person can change the atmosphere. All of a sudden, things changed. One person can shift the atmosphere. Is it because he is the boss? Is it because he has lots of money? Surely not.

See, everyone has what I call “The Internal World”. It means that there’s something always going on inside of a person. Whether he is happy inside, or gloomy, or tired. Whatever is going on in “The Internal World” can affect the external world or the world around us. Let me take you deeper. What you are conscious of, you release in the atmosphere. We have to master our thoughts. Our thoughts would always fuel our emotion, which can then lead to our action.

“As man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”

-King Solomon of Israel

In our story above, we see that everybody just went quietly without being told. It’s because of the boss’ consciousness towards his demand for silence in the room. Aside from it, everybody just began thinking about their tasks and looking at their to-do lists. Well, it’s also because of the boss’ consciousness towards getting things done right away. Nobody is aware of what’s going on in their boss’ internal world, but they just automatically acted on the things as the boss demanded it in his internal world.

So, how does this shifting in the atmosphere really work? Do we just think things and then it will be released in the atmosphere? Absolutely not. But, here are some of the ways I can share to help you master the power of shifting atmosphere:

1. Consistency

As with every skill, consistency is going to be your friend if you wanted to enhance yourself. What kind of atmosphere do you like to carry around you? What kind of atmosphere do you like people to feel when you are around them? Do you want them to just ignore you? Do you want them to feel comfortable around you? Do you want them to feel that you are trustworthy? Be consistent with one atmosphere you like to carry around. Remember, you can carry this atmosphere wherever you go.

“Your shadow will always release whatever overshadows you”

– Bill Johnson

2. Taking charge 

You may have mastered the atmosphere you wanted to have in your bedroom, your house, or your sister’s house. But how about at your office or school? Is it working there? If not, then it’s because you’re not taking charge. See, a lion is so powerful in his domain, but when he gets out and moves to another domain, he becomes a bit cautious. It takes practice to do this, but you have to exercise your power to shift the atmosphere. Always try to be in charge. Think like you’re always in charge even though you’re not. Don’t be bossy, by the way.

3. Say it

Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. But it is also true that hearing yourself speak the same thing over and over again will help your mind to be rewired to it. Hence, when we keep on saying to ourselves “I am a happy person with a nice smile”, then we eventually receive it in our system. It is called meditation. It’s when you help your mind what to think about. Meditation is not only being quiet and allowing your mind to wander off in the abstract and unknown world. It also means feeding your mind what to think about. And saying it is a way to feed our mind.

In a nutshell, every big thing that we see around us started with a thought. Skyscrapers and space shuttles and smartphones – all these were produced in the mind before it became tangible. People who made these big things throughout time has made a decision to shift their own atmosphere and the world around them that will, later on, propel them to success that we now talk about and celebrate, and so can you. Just start shifting the atmosphere.


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  1. This is awesome. An article that will help everybody to change their atmosphere the way it should be…. 🙂 Thanks for this!