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Asking the Founder the Right Questions

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Asking questions to an influencer or a founder is very exciting and fun but sometimes is a bit nerve-racking towards the things you want to know about his/her views and goals. It may be quite a struggle to get the right answers when you hardly have the right questions, whether it’s a personal or business.

As a Founder of Thinkable Box, I listed down questions below that I found useful in answering and sharing my life’s perspective and inspiration. I was asked by someone with these questions to know my passion, my inspiration, my real life process, and my personal goals.

Questions That You Need to Ask

Why do you build the Thinkable Box (Insert Your Blog Name Here)?

I built this blog not just to express myself and share the things that I knew but I wanted to do something different not just providing useful information about personal development but affect their way of thinking in‘’ not just be satisfied on what they have now but to seek for more knowledge and skills.” As I’ve noticed, our life is changing so fast, the transition of the old system to new system, from traditional to digital, and etc. that’s why we need to evolve for us not to be left behind. I know that you totally agree on this, right?

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I always remember this from Holton Buggs that personal development is important because your income growth will never ever exceed your personal growth. And when one wants to achieve things that are larger than on what they have achieved before…‘’You got to become a different person’’. He totally nailed it on I’ve set in my mind.  To watch his full video about personal development click here.

Asking the Founder with Right Questions Holton Buggs

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In addition, I want to set this vision in every single thing that I do here in Thinkable Box – We move people up” (WMPU) in the society that soon everyone will live in their most amazing way of positive and fulfilling life.’’

Furthermore, our mission is to build a community that gives opportunities for the people to share ideas and help them to develop themselves in terms of understanding their true value, enhance physically, spiritually, and mentally, control and recognize the self-capacity and self-realization towards full potential.

What experiences and education help you prepare for success in your current position?

In terms of experience, I do a lot of research regarding the current trends and up-to-date strategy and tactics so I can execute my work effectively and efficiently towards to my current position. In addition to “education”, I never stop learning though I already graduated. Learning is a continuous process of our daily life that’s why I encourage people to learn new things even if it’s difficult to understand/learn, it’s more on creating opportunities for your career development.

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What steps have you taken to improve yourself?

As a marketer and founder, there are things that I do to improve myself which will consume a lot of time and effort. These are:

  1. Experimentation – Testing plan with risk or A/B testing will help me to identify which is working and not working.
  2. Learning New Things –  Reading books from the great influencer in creativity and marketing.
  3. Feedback – I always ask for the feedback right away it’s more on the self-checking if I did a really great job or I need to change something to become more effective and efficient.

Who was an influential role model for you?

Its Tina Seelig the author InGenious book. She totally nailed it everything from the aspect of theory to experimentation. One thing that I always remember from her is that ”all of us are creative”.

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What are you doing now to expand your career options?

I’m jumping more into creativity management and personal development which will expand my innovation engine. 🙂

How do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Teaching and helping people to develop their knowledge and skills that’s it!

These questions can really help you build-up informative answers from your interviewee but it depends on what kind of interview you really want to talk about because the theme of these questions are only for business, organization and personal development growth and knowing WHY THEY DO IT.

I hope you found this helpful for your project or interview session with a founder or influencer. If you have something in mind feel free to share them in the comment box below. Thanks!

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