A Self Thought

1 min

Imagine that you are a box that’s ready to be opened by other people. What do you think is inside that box?

There may be phones, shoes, gold, and bags; or maybe even keys to a brand new house or car. Maybe you’ll think of being inside the box (which can either cause discontent or happiness to whoever opens it).

Or will it just be an empty box?

I know for sure that you will not like it if anyone will be disappointed when they open your box, for this box embodies your potential. The answer then to the question, ‘What do you think is inside that box?’ will be whatever you make of it. You have the power of choice to fill your box with whatever you pick out of the myriad opportunities presented by life.

Be the best box that you can be

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Renz Simpao

I am an inbound marketer with a big love for things and ideas outside the known. I believe that being unique in many ways is a great way to express oneself. I live beyond borders but think inside a box full of limitless possibilities.