Why Getting Stronger By Embracing Your Weaknesses

Why You Get Stronger When You Embrace Your Weaknesses

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Wait!! Is this correct? Do you really need to change and overcome your weaknesses just to become perfect? This may be wrong as nobody’s perfect. We really need to accept the fact that there are some things we aren’t good at.

For example, a shy person who doesn’t like being in crowded places or speaking in front of an audience may be good at planning things. Therefore, that person should focus on his strength while still trying to improve his weakness.

Here are some things you can do to embrace your weaknesses:

Acknowledge Assistance From Others

When you grasp your shortcomings, you can welcome the help from others without getting defensive. You can take their opinions and be willing to change or acknowledge feedback without feeling the need to react. You basically own your shortcomings and consider others to be a piece of your development, rather than potential threats.

Reduce Your Ego

Our pride prevents us from completely recognizing our flaws. We’re anxious about being seen as feeble or we’re terrified of demonstrating our vulnerability to others. This causes us to become cautious whenever somebody points out our weaknesses or threatens our self-image.

[Tweet “Have you seen that defensiveness is typically an indication of denial?” – @LifeHack”]

When somebody calls out your shortcoming you have not acknowledged yet, it offends you. By figuring out how to grasp your flaws, in any case, you’ll reduce your ego and reduce your fears. You’ll be more content with yourself, which will permit you to drop the defensiveness and acknowledge useful feedback without feeling hurt.

Open Awesome Doors

Completely embracing your shortcomings is the best way to take a shot at them. Doing such allows you to roll out positive improvements throughout your life and creates open doors for development. Will you make peace with your shortcomings or will you work to just hide them? Notwithstanding your decision, completely recognizing them is the initial step.

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For example, lack of self-confidence may be upsetting your capacity to accomplish achievement and joy. For this situation, concentrating on that specific shortcoming and assuming full liability over it would lead to positive changes.  It would likely reveal your hidden potential and make the noteworthy force in your life.

Obviously, attempting to get rid of a specific shortcoming isn’t generally the easiest way. Not each shortcoming can or ought to be changed. All you need is the fearlessness to remember it and acknowledge that you can’t or shouldn’t make a move. All things considered, flaws are a piece of being human. You aren’t a superhero!

I hope this sheds some light on your weaknesses. Having weak points doesn’t mean you’re weak; you just have to totally embrace and accept that it is part of being a human, not a superhero!

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  1. I can relate to this, after my divorce I really had to take a look at myself and embrace the parts of me I had let weaken. I came out of all of it a much stronger woman. 🙂

  2. What a positive way to re-focus ourselves when we’re struggling. This spoke to me- I found it very inspirational. Thank you.