The Creative Funnel

The Creative Funnel

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Our thinking process is part of our creativity and personal development. Thinking process cultivates our creativity and our growth.

thinking process

This creative funnel will help you define your basic resources up to the evaluation of your problem/plan or goals in life and career in a more specific way.

This concept is same as the Bloom’s taxonomy of Dr. Benjamin Bloom. Here is the tricky part – this is a funnel which is certainly the opposite of the triangular concept of Bloom’s taxonomy. It will start from the knowledge followed by the comprehension, development, application, synthesis and lastly, the evaluation process and each stage of the inverted triangular or the funnel correspond each personal development stages which I called The Creative Funnel.


The Creative Funnel

The Creative Funnel by Thinkable Box

Top of the Creative Funnel (Knowledge and Comprehension) – Discovery Stage

The top of the creative funnel called the TOCE. Primarily this part will involve knowledge and comprehension which means this is the foundation of your resources and understanding on what you are trying to do or reach in your plan/goals.

These two factors inside the TOCE are very essential to your self-discovery process because it allows you to be aware of your knowledge (the concepts and facts; gathering information; target audience information gathering; identify; outline; describe; remembering details project goals, mission, purpose, vision) and deep comprehension (Understanding the meaning of specific concepts and facts; state the problem in your own words; summarize, demonstrate, discuss to ensure knowledge is understood; explaining the demographics or industry; interpretations of problems; SWOT: Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats that you need to work on to get to your goal) coming from yourself.

Example:  You are thinking to do something for your career plan so you’ll be looking for other information as a basis of your knowledge/resources to lift up your career. Once you understood them completely, you are now ready for next stage which is the comprehension stage. Once you gathered all your resources regarding developing your career, you need to understand it and ask yourself. Is this the best solution for my career plan? Is my understanding of my resources can reach my plan/goals?

In addition, once you totally understood everything from your resources or knowledge as part of your self-discovery or self-awareness stage, you are ready for the next stage which is the development stage.

Middle of the Creative Funnel (Application and Analysis) – Development Stage

The middle of the creative funnel called the MOCE. This will allow you to move on the next stage of your creative and personal development process in the funnel. The MOCE in the development stage helps you to enhance your knowledge and understanding into a more actionable application (Applying and experimenting those concepts and facts in a different situation) and analysis (Critical thinking; breaking things down into meaningful parts so the organizational structure can be best understood; deductive thinking to figure out how something works; diagrams; differentiation; identification; illustration) process which really falls under your development stage in turning your knowledge into motion which leads to self-mastery and actualization.

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Example: You already knew and understood yourself and the plan/goals for your career. Next, apply all your knowledge and plan into motion (Just do it!) as part of the application stage, you need to get in-depth in every move you made like getting serious in taking a certification exam for your career, how your plan will work?, creating a concept/pattern for your plan and lastly analyzing every step you made for your career so you can identify which part is working towards to your plan and remove the unnecessary things that might affect your plan in a bad way. As you pass in every creative funnel stage, it narrows down your plan in a specific way.

Bottom of the Creative Funnel (Synthesis and Evaluation) – Mastery and Actualization Stage

The Bottom of the Creative Funnel is called the BOCE. These include the synthesis in allowing you to integrate old ideas with new ones, connecting, inventing and modifying. This process is so called the Mastery Stage as it shows that you have total control of your process in the BOCE stage. Evaluation process is the last process of the funnel which will allow you to make judgments about situations, ideas; innovative thinking; thought leadership; reflection on the outcome of the process or project; find the most effective solution which falls under your actualization stage to realize if you have the capabilities and potentials to go through this plan and if you need to change something in order to have a great outcome again.

Example: After you already figured the possible steps that are working for your plan/career/goals. You can now connect and combine (Experimenting – which is part of being creative like the Art of Chindogu) the things that you would see an opportunity to grow and better your plan. Next, evaluation stage which you are going to evaluate all the steps you made if you successfully reach your plans/goals for your career.

Always remember the result of your plan/goals is not always linear if you fail in one of the stages of the funnel you have to step backward in order to understand which of the processes you lack focus. Once you identified it, you can continue to re-evaluate again until you reach the level of success by your own definition.

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This of the creative funnel is conceptualized by Thinkable Box, but we actually get some ideas in the following resources: Your Best Impression | Personal Development. Just comment below if you have any suggestion about this creative funnel and your views.


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    1. Yes, this can be a complex method for planning. I’ll check ” Stephen Covey’s Seven Steps” 🙂 Thanks for your feedback.

  1. This is a very involved plan! It seems if you follow it and use it correctly it would be very successful! Thanks for sharing this great informative method!