Influencer Calculator Value of your Instagram Account

Influencer Calculator: Value of your Instagram Account

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Based on my experience as a blogger or influencer it takes a lot of effort, time and creativity to have legit and engaging followers by providing quality content and heart to it.

We also experience if there’s a client/brand who wants to collaborate or partner up with us, ask how much would be our fee in posting their story (brand) in our social media accounts, and tell to our followers to try, download, click, experience, get the discount code, and subscribe to the brand.

Thus, some of you or those “Newbie Influencers” might wonder to ask yourself “How much is the value of my Instagram account?”. Worry no more because I have the answer to that question.

When we say VALUE, we need to consider the following points:

  • Engagement Rate (Likes/Comments/Views)
  • Number of Followers
  • Post Reach
  • Instagram Feed (Awesome Photos)

In addition, there are lots of “Influencer Calculator” that you want to check in guiding you to know your worth and set the right value on the trusted analytics and real-time updates on your network.

List of Influencer Calculators

1. Influencer Fee

Influencer Fee is an influencer engagement & money calculator platform for your Instagram worth/value. Click this link to access the web app.

Influencer Calculator: Value of your Instagram Account

According to Influencer Fee that my Instagram’s earnings per post should be around $57 / more or less PHP. 3,000. But you may consider first the brand you’re going to work with because they set some limitation in the “allocated budget” for Influencers.

I suggest setting the right value according to your performance and results with a guide of this platform. Let’s just say a “WIN-WIN GAME

Influencer Calculator: Value of your Instagram Account

You can also see the last 15 posts you’ve created and posted on your Instagram account so you can have a better grasp about your engagement.

2. HypeAuditor

HypeAuditor is the most advanced fraud-detection system. You can try it for free to know how much is the value of your Instagram account. Just click this link.

Influencer Calculator: Value of your Instagram Account

Basically in their free version you can have the following:

  • Audience Quality Score ( AQS is a 1 to 100 metric which combines audience quality (not number), engagement rate and it’s authenticity into one metric)
  • Audience (Country, US states, City, Age & Gender, Ethnicity, Language, and Audience Type) Audience Quality Score
  • Audience Reachability, Authenticity, Followers & Following
  • Audience Interests (My followers got 77% interest in Travel & Tourism)
  • Engagement (Rate, Likes spread, Comments Authenticity, Likes-Comment Ratio)
  • Estimated post price.
Influencer Calculator: Value of your Instagram Account
Influencer Calculator: Value of your Instagram Account
Influencer Calculator: Value of your Instagram Account

To conclude everything, focus on the things you love to create, work for it, give time for it, and soon you will reap what you sow.

To add more, this is based on my verified and up-to-date social media statistics in the “Influencer Platform” that I’m using which is one of the perks of Bloggers/Influencers to generate revenue from it

If you want to check other useful tools for blogging check the Best Tool Kit for Pinoy Bloggers, and Multiple Links on your Instagram. By the way, if you have other useful tools for Instagram just comment down below. I’ll be happy to include it. Thanks!

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