Crafting Ideas Through Creative Minds Expo at CvSU

Crafting Ideas Through Creative Minds Expo at CvSU

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The Crafting Ideas Through Creative Minds Expo, recently organized by the second-year Marketing Management students at Cavite State University – Silang Campus, stands as the creativity and collaborative skills enabled within academic settings.

This event, held under the guidance of their Marketing instructor, Sir Renz Simpao, was a showcase of creativity, strategic thinking, and hands-on learning in the Product Management and Advertising field setting.

The Journey of Creation

Brainstorming and Concept Development

The journey to the Crafting Ideas Through Creative Minds Expo began weeks before the event, with relentless brainstorming sessions. Students were tasked with developing unique product ideas that not only showcased their creativity but also demonstrated a deep understanding of consumer behavior and market trends.

These brainstorming sessions were crucial in allowing students to explore a wide range of ideas, from traditional Filipino flavors to innovative fusion dishes.

Hands-On Workshops

Following the initial brainstorming phase, students participated in hands-on workshops designed to refine their product concepts. These workshops provided practical insights into product management, including aspects such as ingredient sourcing, cost management, and production techniques.

The advertising workshops focused on brand development, packaging design, and marketing strategies, ensuring that students could effectively communicate the value of their products to potential consumers.

Products of Marketing Students – CvSU Silang Campus

The culmination of these efforts was the creation of a diverse array of food products, each reflecting a unique blend of creativity and market insight. Below are the standout products from the expo:


A delightful twist on traditional Filipino bibingka, BINGWA transforms the classic rice cake into a waffle, topped with salted egg and cheese. This innovative product combines familiar flavors with a modern presentation.


KRAPFEN offers a unique take on hotdogs, encasing them in a crunchy vegetable churro crust made from sweet potato and malunggay. The result is a savory snack that is both nutritious and indulgent.


MANDIOCA is a special muffin crafted from real cassava, filled with salted egg, melted cheese, and cream cheese. This product highlights the cassava and combines it with rich, savory flavors.


A creative reinvention of the traditional Filipino tinapa (smoked fish), TINAPS features a tinapa patty served with fresh tomato, lettuce, and a melted cheese sauce. This product offers a new way to enjoy a beloved local delicacy.


TOFU-RRIFIC is a crispy tofu dish served with creamy Ala King sauce and Chao Fan rice. This product caters to health-conscious consumers looking for delicious, plant-based meal options.


MORCHI is a Filipino-style buchi (glutinous rice ball) filled with chocolate and marshmallows. This dessert combines traditional textures with a sweet, gooey filling, making it a perfect treat for any occasion.


TERRA LEAF features a spring roll filled with fresh kangkong (water spinach), chicken, carrots, and creamy cheese, accompanied by a flavorful dressing. This product emphasizes fresh and healthy ingredients.


DELÍCE combines the soft texture of butter with the crispiness of meringue, flavored with pumpkin seeds, oats, and cashews. This snack offers a delightful mix of textures and flavors, catering to those seeking both nutrition and indulgence.


DUMPLINGGO is a fusion of Korean and Chinese culinary traditions, featuring dumplings filled with popular Samgyupsal ingredients. This product provides a unique and flavorful experience, blending the best of both cuisines.

Collaboration and Support

The success of the Crafting Ideas Through Creative Minds Expo was made possible through the unwavering support of the Cavite State University – Silang Campus, Students, the Junior Marketing Association, the Department of Management, and generous sponsors including Thinkable Box, Happy and Busy Travels, Travel With Karla, and The Young Juanderer. These partnerships provided the resources and platforms necessary for the students to bring their creative ideas to life and share them with a broader audience.

The Crafting Ideas Through Creative Minds Expo was more than just an event; it was a dynamic educational experience that allowed students to apply theoretical knowledge in a practical setting. Through collaboration, innovation, and the guidance of dedicated faculty, the students of Cavite State University – Silang Campus demonstrated their ability to navigate the complexities of product management and advertising.

The expo not only showcased their talents but also set a foundation for their future careers in marketing, proving that with creativity and determination, the possibilities are limitless.

I am incredibly proud of my students for their hard work and creativity in developing products. Seeing the judges’ reactions and hearing them say, “These need to be sold in stores!” is truly rewarding. Your dedication and innovation are shining through, and I can’t wait to see where your talents take you next. Keep up the amazing work, everyone! – Sir Renz

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