One of Instagram’s features is adding one link in your profile that gives us some headache as a Blogger on how are we going to cross-promote other websites/posts/social media accounts in just one link. This one-link-policy wants us to create options to put multiple links in our Instagram profile.

These options are (1) send the link directly to your followers to check your latest posts, (2) change the link every time you have a new post or new links to promote, and lastly (3) create a landing page under your website and put all the links and information you need which is time consuming! However, you’re lucky to find this article because there’s a Tap Bio app. that can solve all of these options.

Multiple Links on your Instagram Profile

In addition, the problem for one-link-policy on your Instagram account has been solved by Tap Bio (Click the link for more details). This Tap Bio web app creates a mini-site version where you can add the following:

  1. Add all your social media links (Yey!)
  2. Add your latest video on YouTube
  3. Put your Instagram uploaded images with clickable links directly to your blog post or whatever links you set.
  4. Add your LIVE Tweets
  5. Set a call to action button/s
  6. Connect your MailChimp or Zapier account to set your email subscriptions.
Insert you Tap Bio link in your profile account

Furthermore, you can be more creative in doing your own Tap Bio Account by adding your own background image, brand color, and compelling words.

You can check my live sample Tap Bio account for your reference. Click this link > tap.bio/@rasimpao/

Hurry up claim your “Trademarked Username” for your blog/personal account! > Sign up here https://tap.bio/@tap.bio

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Renz Simpao

I am an inbound marketer with a big love for things and ideas outside the known. I believe that being unique in many ways is a great way to express oneself. I live beyond borders but think inside a box full of limitless possibilities.


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  1. Cool! Only knew about this now. I wanted a single click link that will take my readers to everything I wanna share. Thanks for this.

  2. Super nakakainis talaga knowing I have to compromise which link to post so this is a GREAT IDEA!! May ganito pala! Thanks for the info 😉 I’ll use it right away.

  3. Renz!! Love love ko talaga tong blog mo na to haha Thank you for sharing this ah hahah papaturo pa ako more sayo 🙂