Best Mobile App on How to Stay Focused

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In this world full of mobile applications like YouTube, Facebook, Viber, Instagram, Mobile Games and etc.. These apps can create distractions, will consume your time and be out-of-focus at work. Right?

You: I want to watch this famous Vlogger on Youtube for 15 minutes only.

After few moments..

You: Oh no! Its been 2 hours! I need to get back working on these papers! sh**t!

Yeah I know! We’ve been there done that and we don’t want to experience that kind of situation EVER again. We want to finish our work on time and have a “Relaxing Moment” after a very productive week.

In addition, I listed the best mobile app on how to stay focused at work, doing your projects or even studying.




Focus Keeper

Feel free to comment down below if you have another productivity tools that you want to share to others.

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