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Creative or Not: Creativity Lives in All of Us

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Some people say that creativity is inborn but somehow I totally disagree. If being creative is inborn and if you are the lucky one to have it well that is a gift. In a contrary, according to Tina Seelig the author of inGenius: A Crash Course on Creativity “All people are creative and waiting to unlock their creativity in many ways”

In addition, according to UExpress in the book “The Creative Executive,” Granville Toogood says that we are by nature creative, but most of us fail to recognize our creative potential. We race through our careers, often never recognizing that creativity is as important to business as DNA is to evolution and career development. When creativity pops up around us, we are often quick to mock it. Corporate cultures talk creativity, but the herd favors mediocrity, he says.

The question is How can you be creative if you are doing same things for your entire life. If you want to be creative you need to do something different, and that is the start of being creative.

Here are the ”Ways To Stay Creative” by Behance that can help you to be an awesome creative person.


As you notice on the ways to stay creative. You could actually do that on your own way of being creative. A creative person doesn’t mean you have to do all that things that creative person does.  You can be creative in yourself but remember you need to do something different and finish whatever you have started that’s the key for being creative.

To cut it short, creativity is creating a valuable form of outcome in your perspective or others perspective. Being creative is not just an important but creativity makes us human.

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