Dormitels and Eco Hotel

Traveler’s Alert: Dormitels and Eco Hotel 1st Anniversary

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Dormitels and Eco Hotel

Dormitels and Eco Hotel celebrated its first year anniversary on the 17th of November! A year full of hard work, thousands of customers from all over the world and moves fast in no time.

In a year, they managed to create an Eco-friendly hotel and cheap Dormitels’ experience to be so proud of. Sometimes it is hard to believe it all started less than a year ago.

Below are the main highlights in the event and services of Dormitels and Eco Hotel.


Media Launch - November 2018
Media Launch – November 2018
Containers by Eco Hotel
Artsy Design of the Facilities
Eco Glamping



Dormitels makes sure that travelers have affordable hotel accommodations to stay in as they experience the country’s most popular tourist draws.

They believe that a comfortable, quality place to stay plays a huge part in making a trip memorable.


So, their rooms feature a good balance of essential amenities, location convenience, and affordability that any budget-conscious traveler will appreciate.

Dormitels has branches in some of the Philippines’ most popular locales, including:

  • Boracay Station 1
  • El Nido, Palawan
  • Alona Beach, Bohol
  • Cloud 9, Siargao
  • Earnshaw, Sampaloc, Manila
  • The Fort, Taguig

Dormitels rooms feature clean, hip and trendy interiors, equipped with amenities like showers, toilets, flat screen TVs with cable channels, and fresh sheets and towels for every guest’s convenience. Guests also have a choice between air con and fan-cooled rooms. The 24-hour front desk is also available to accommodate requests.

Containers by Eco Hotel

Containers had long been repurposed as a space for human activity. The evolution of container reuse extended further to lodgings after realizing its inherent strength, vast availability, and considerable low cost all supporting its eco-friendliness.

A number of eco-friendly features as solar panels, water recycling, energy-saving lights, and upcycled materials to name a few will be employed once in operation. Additionally, the use of surplus containers repurposed to an eco-chic and iconic hotel will add value and truth to the ‘green’ claim while inspiring other future hotel projects to incorporate eco-friendly values in design.

Each stay in Eco Hotel Container will be an eye opener of the boundless impact a little effort can do in saving the environment. This will be seen in every room imbued with a call to action: reduce, reuse, recycle and renew. Every bottle, “tanzan,” foil pack, cork, and plastic utensil can be something else–something beautiful, something useful.

As a Green Service Hotel!

The room amenities are scaled to essential comforts while hygiene kits are given upon request to minimize unnecessary consumption of resources. Fresh linens and towels are provided but we greatly encourage guests to reuse them if possible. Every energy-saving effort is considered significant. We appreciate switching off of all electrical equipment when not in use, especially aircon, tv and shower heater.

Dormitels and Eco Hotel Contact Information

Mobile No.: (+63) 917 633 0254 | (+63) 925 478 3082
Tel. No.: (+63) 02 881 5318 to 19

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  1. I’ve long been curious about Ecohotels, ever since we passed by it during one of the fam’s Tagaytay breaks. Will definitely check it out for our future stays.