How to Stay Entertained on a Long Hike

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Nature is incredible; there’s no arguing with that.  From the beautiful canopy of trees above to the countless types of terrain we can travel over, there’s nothing like a good hike to let you feel a connection to the natural world.

Unfortunately, this shine and glamor can wear away quickly.

If you want to get out and enjoy a hike, but feel bored after just a few minutes, here are the top ways to keep your mind entertained and active during your long walk.

Listen to Podcasts or Music

Whether you prefer true-crime podcasts or you’re more into listening to pop music from the early 2000s, find a playlist that keeps you entertained.  Podcasts are perfectly hour-sized bites of audio and storytelling that can keep your mind occupied the entire time you’re on a trail.  There are podcasts on nearly any topic, so as long as you’re willing to search around and find your perfect match: you’ll find something you’ll love to listen to. 

Music is a fantastic other option because it keeps our minds busy with rhythm, beat, and lyrics all at once.  Nostalgia from old and familiar songs can keep our brains turning, and so can new songs from artists we love.  Find what works best for you!

Make It Into A Game

Kids have multiple car games that can be turned into hiking games with a little planning.  For example, consider the alphabet game.  In this game, you have to list off something for every letter of the alphabet, in order, as you see it.  By the end of your hike, you’ll either be stumped by X, Y or Z: or you’ll be too entertained to care about trying to fill out the entire alphabet anymore.  Set times, track elevation, and look for other ways to ‘play’ against your previous hiking numbers.  Being competitive will keep you excited and pushing on!

Don’t Go Alone

A big reason that many people get bored while hiking is that they’re extroverts forcing themselves to do a task that’s more geared towards introverts.  If that’s the case for you, ask some friends to go hiking with you.  Most people are looking for an excuse to start a new workout regime, so it’s the perfect way to pull them into your hiking loop.

If you don’t have any friends who want to hike with you, join a group on social media for other hikers in your area, and plan a meet-up where you can walk together.  Meeting new people this way gives you an automatic conversation starter, so the first few hikes will be impossible to get bored during.

Go Year-Round

A hiking trail in the fall and that same hiking trail in the following spring will look like two entirely different areas.  Although you may think it’s the same and might want to avoid repeating the course: don’t underestimate it!  A change in seasons can offer as much variety as you could wish to and give you a chance to breathe fresh air. So change up what trails you visit, shop around like you’re looking at Banff homes for sale, and only repeat paths if completely necessary.

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  1. I thought it’s just me na nakikinig ng podcast during hike 😀 This is proven and tested sakin because this is what I do and super effective para di ma bored and madaling mapagod. When I talk kasi mga kasama ko, nauubusan akong hangin agad 😀 HAHAHA What I usually listen is productivity podcast. OMG kakamis mag hike!