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How to Start Your Own Perfume Business by YDS

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Perfumes have been an essentials variable on how we present ourselves on every occasion or situation in our life. The perfume’s purpose is to keep unpleasant body odors and make you smell good and fresh throughout the day, boost confidence, and enhances your mood.

In addition, perfume can also be a source of income when you are planning to start your own perfume business. If you’re thinking about the big capital to start running a business that includes raw materials, packaging, labeling to use for your perfume business. Worry no more from now own because you can start your own perfume business with a starting investment of P299 to P1270.

Moreover, Your Daily Scents is a Wholesale/Retail Oil-based perfume store with one goal in mind: providing a high-quality, smart, and reliable online perfume store. Source: Facebook

What to Try in Your Daily Scents

Here are the top 10 perfume that you can try and sell to others.

Products & Rates of Your Daily Scents

Your Daily Scents perfume store in the Philippines offers up to 60 types of perfume (Eau de parfum) with 25% fragrance concentration (oil-based).

You can order perfume for 120 per bottle minimum of 10 free pouches or 110 per bottle minimum of 20 free pouches.

Raw Materials/Ingredients for Businesses who wants to start their own:

  • PG Drum- 145/kgs.
  • Carbouy – 160/kgs.
  • Alcohol Drum – 135/kgs.
  • Carbouy – 145 / liter min. of 10
  • DPG Drum- 330/kgs.
  • Carbouy – 3600/kgs.
  • DEO Alcohol (1 gallon 480 | 1 liter 160)
  • PG Moisturizer (30 ml for 20 | 60 ml for 40 | 120 ml for 80 | 250 ml for 150 | 500 ml for 250 | 1 liter for 450)
  • Fixative (30 ml for 50 | 60 ml for 100 | 120 ml for 180 | 250 ml for 350 | 500 ml for 600 | 1 liter 1200

Reseller Pack – P299

  • Inclusions:
  • *(10) Perfume Testers 5ml
  • *FREE (1) Regular Tester Pouch
  • *Online/offline client support
  • *No daily, weekly, monthly quota required

Reseller Pack- P1270

  • Inclusions:
  • *(51) Perfumé Tester 5ml
  • * 60 slots Perfumé Organizer
  • *Free shipping (Pick up only via LBC)
  • *1 free 55 ml chosen perfume

The great things about the Your Daily Scents: NO MEMBERSHIP FEE, DIRECT SELLING SUPPLIER, Competitive retail prices, and Pure 25% fragrance oil content.

They also offer Souvenir Giveaways Sets for different events/occasions.

Create Your Own Perfume Brand?

You can create your own brand with Your Daily Scents products. They can allow you to put your own brand name and logo in their products for FREE if you’ll avail 50 perfume products and above. This offer called the RE-branding service of the company.

Go thing about selling your “Your Daily Scents’ perfume products” with your own brand on it. You can establish your own business brand without the high-risk that the others can go and contact your supplier.

How to order in Your Daily Scents?

  1. Go to their Official Facebook Page or you may contact Randy the owner of the Your Daily Scents.
  2. Order your preferred perfume products/reseller package/raw materials for your business / etc.
  3. They ship perfume products nationwide via LBC, JRS Express, or J&T Express or Lalamove (*Shipping fee will be shouldered by the buyer.)
  4. Mode of payment via BPI, Smart Money, Western Union, Palawan Express Padala, M Lhuiller, Meet Up, Gcash, COD/COP via LBC Nationwide

Contact Info of Your Daily Scents

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