Where to Buy Green Products in Tagaytay by Refill and Beyond

Where to Buy: Green Products in Tagaytay by Refill and Beyond

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As we consumed many products over the decades, consumer behavior is actually changing especially in green products. Half of the digital consumers say environmental interests influence their buying decisions.

While you are reading this article, 61% of the Millenials (22 – 35) would pay more eco-friendly/green products than the baby boomers, Gen X, and Gen Z.

Moreover, many of us know the damaging impact of tons of waste from unrecyclable products in this “throwaway” culture. But whose responsibility is it to start change and go for the green nation here in the Philippines?

If you’re going to ask me, I’ll say it is YOU (As an individual or consumer) because YOU have the power to take action, save the planet earth, go for the zero waste and go green.

Aside from individuals/consumers, the manufacturers of products are also responsible especially they are excessively producing plastic materials for their products.

That’s why consumers faced with less choice in their passion to ‘go green’ because of those plastic and unrecyclable products.

But there always be a way to do this “Go Green” by producing “Green Products” just like theRefill and Beyond. They are producing green products in Tagaytay and they take leveraging connections and bind its community members to create a more sustainable and plastic-free world.

What is Refill ‘N Beyond?

Where to Buy Green Products in Tagaytay by Refill and Beyond
Millie Manahan, Co-founder of Refill and Beyond in Tagaytay

Refill ‘N Beyond is a package-free store that promotes awareness and sustainable living by offering alternative solutions on how to preserve the Earth. The first startup project under Reduce, Reuse, Refill, Repeat Company. A collaborative-driven company that aims to help startup businesses by promoting and providing sustainable ways to sell and earn at the same time.

Benefits of Green Products

  • Save money. Refill ‘N Beyond offers affordable products, you can have liquid body wash, hand wash, liquid dish soap, detergent liquid and many more for only .12 to .18 cents per mL. Like for example, 400 ml body wash for only 72 pesos but you need to bring your own bottle.
  • Eco-friendly products are zero waste. In Refill ‘N Beyond they are 100% sure that their products produce zero waste at all with the help of their awesome “Green Team”
  • Provide a green lifestyle. A lifestyle that you’ll enjoy and less worry about the risk of exposing you to plastics and chemicals.
  • Save the earth. Using green products will lead to a cleaner and safer green environment for everyone and the next generation.

Green Products Reviews:

  • I used their olive body wash for almost a week and it really smells good and gives me a moisturized skin after a bath.
  • There’s no allergic reaction at all when using it.
  • Affordable green products in Tagaytay
  • I love how they really put their passion and vision on their products (and nothing can stop them!)
  • I like how they practice “Bring your own bottle” when you buy their products.

Product Rates of Refill and Beyond:

Where to Buy Green Products in Tagaytay by Refill and Beyond

For the complete product list, you can visit this Refill and Beyond Shop.

How to order in Refill and Beyond?

Just simply go to their social media, website, or contact them via mobile or email. They will respond immediately with a smile of green-vision.

In addition, they are open to “Partnership Opportunities” because they love doing green partnerships or if you want to sign-up as a reseller you also become an advocate of Go-Green here in the Philippines which is a great responsibility to spread awareness for Go-Green Nation. (You can start your own Green Business for PHP. 1,500 or less)

Where to Buy Green Products in Tagaytay by Refill and Beyond
Last November, Refill and Beyond invited B/Vloggers to gave us knowledge about the Go-Green/Zero-Waste campaign and to do an honest review of their green products.

Contact Information:

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  1. Sana talaga magkaroon na ng Refill and Beyond sa area rin namin, ang laking tipid neto para sa mga detergent and fabric conditioner needs namin! Plus since organic siya, balita ko hindi raw yan mabilis makasira ng washing machine, totoo ba yun? 😀