New Normal Way of Shopping Experience in SM Bacoor

New Normal Way of Shopping Experience in SM Bacoor

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As the “New Normal” is part of our lifestyle now because of this COVID-19 in the Philippines. Many businesses changed their way of serving their customers in the safest and smart way just like what SM Bacoor did for its stakeholders that include customers, employees, and etc.

Last time I went to SM Bacoor and try their new services on how to do a smart malling in a fast and easy way. Then, I noticed that they followed the government protocol in wearing face mask always, sanitizing the area for customers, and practicing social distancing while inside the mall.

Moreover, shoppers are more careful and health-conscious because of new protocols from the government. According to SM Bacoor, consumers now spend a lot of time falling in line while going about their errands thus, fast, easy, and safe transactions are essential considerations. Furthermore, I want to share with your their safest and smart ways of shopping and creating new memories with SM Bacoor / SM Cavite.

Below is the list of services of SM Bacoor for the New Normal way of Shopping Experience.

Center Concierge

They are the personal shoppers that will assist you in Shopping in SM Bacoor (Thank you!)
They are the personal shoppers that will assist you in Shopping in SM Bacoor (Thank you!)

As a shopper the more consumers we encounter in a specific location for buying our needs, the higher the risk of virus transmission. So, how do we stay safe and smart when shopping?

This “Center Concierge” of SM Bacoor offers you to get your own personal shopper especially if you want to lessen your time in shopping or avoid falling in line, commuting, driving to SM Bacoor. Your personal shopper will help you to buy the things you need.

To order, just contact their personal shoppers. Service is available for booth pick-up or home delivery.

Center Concierge Contact Information: 0945-277-4156 / 0951-669-0310 and you may send a message to this Facebook Page. You can also check this SM Cavite Community Riders and list of OPEN STORES in SM Bacoor.

Grab & Go

Grab and Go in SM Bacoor

This “Grab and Go” offers a quick takeaway of your favorite products in SM Bacoor. You can go to the designated area of Grab and Go in SM Bacoor to check the selected stores that offer products for Grab and Go.

You will give your orders to the store crew in Grab & Go area. Then, the store crew will fulfill your orders (Items may be in the Grab & Go area or to be prepared in-store). Lastly, you will settle the payment to the store crew and that’s it! Quick and easy right?

Connect & Collect

I ordered Burger, Fries and Coke in Burger King SM Bacoor.
I ordered Burger, Fries and Coke in Burger King SM Bacoor. Thank you Corazon (Store Crew)

This “Connect & Collect” offers you to connect or contact the store you want to buy a product you need in the quickest and easy way. Just simply place your orders directly to store via Text, Hotline, Online, and Walk-In. Then, settle the payment to the store via available payment channels.

Lastly, pick your orders via the store or in the side area at the center concierge. You may also set the time of your pick up of your orders in the store or Connect and Collect area.

Connect & Collect in SM Bacoor

By the way, If you order on-the-go food you can use the designated dining area in front of the Connect and Collect area. Please be reminded of the social distancing protocol for safety and smart malling experience in SM.

Pick up Area of  Botejyu - SM Bacoor Branch
Pick up Area of Botejyu – SM Bacoor Branch

Dining Inside the Restaurant

Dining inside the Restaurant

In SM Bacoor, restaurants are open for dine-in but before you go inside you need to know the following:

  • You can use your phone to scan the QR code for their menu (If you don’t have a scanner they can also provide you a copy of their menu)
  • You need to take their health survey assessment**. (This is required for your safety and smart dining experience in Botejyu – SM Bacoor Branch)
  • Sanitize your hand and they will check your body temperature.
  • Observe social distancing inside the restaurant.

Wellness Center Experience

Wellness Center Experience in SM Bacoor

The haircut is one of the essential things we need and this is part of the Wellness Center in SM Bacoor. Last time, I experienced the service of Gandang Ricky Reyes (GRR) for my haircut.

As you can see, they used disposable plastic as part of the safety protocol in serving their customers. Their staff used personal protective equipment, facemask, face shield, and gloves. GRR is equipped and ready in serving its customers and they really make sure to entertain you and make you feel safe.

To add more, their equipment is well sterilized, and before you experience their service you need to sanitize your hands, shoes, and they will check your body temperature.

I highly suggest that you need to book an appointment in advance with your preferred wellness center than walk-in. You can go to the Facebook Page of SM Bacoor to check the other businesses your preferred.

This is a “new normal way of shopping” a fast & easy way, and Smart Malling Experience by SM Bacoor. They are open from 10 am to 5 pm.

Don’t forget to watch my Smart Malling Experience VLOG in SM Bacoor.

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  1. It was really nice and absolutely effective if that necessary protocols Been implemented,so that the public would aware of this at SM branches especially in their bacoor branch