Benefits of Digital Storytelling and Gamified Learning Experience with Lenovo EdVision and Microsoft

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As we faced this new normal, the internet serves as one of the tools we used to make an online approach in a new working space or virtual learning environment. This digital storytelling and gamified learning experience are beneficial for students, teachers, and other professionals to increase participation and bring a positive and exciting learning experience for everyone.

To add more, digital storytelling creates space for students to pursue topics about which they are passionate and showcases their learning for peers and teachers. The gamified learning experience helps cultivate a mindset where problem-solving becomes a fun activity, and failure is seen as a stepping stone, according to CIO, 2019.

Together with Levono Edvision in partnership with Microsoft, the digital storytelling and gamified learning experience can be easy to learn and apply using the Microsoft Sway and Minecraft: Education Edition.

Benefits of Digital Storytelling using Microsoft SWAY

1. Show and Practice Creativity. Students and teachers can use their creativity and passions to get creative in their online classes using Microsoft Sway for digital storytelling.

2. New Approach to Share and Engage. Communicating to students and teachers in a “Digital Storytelling” way can improve their presentation, the way they speak in the class sessions.

3. Discover New Tool. Using the Microsoft SWAY makes the students and teachers create and share interactive stories and presentations quickly. Microsoft SWAY can be optimized for mobile, with customizable templates, accessible to everyone, quick import, rich content, and slick presentation perfect for digital storytelling.

Benefits of Gamified Learning Experience

1. Fun Learning Experience. Learners can experience “fun” during the game and learn at the same time.

2. Gamification provides insight into a fundamental mindset shift that educators and learners must embrace to thrive in the digital age; as stated by Alice Bonasio

3. Learners engage with content effectively and increase motivation because of the new learning way through gamified learning using Minecraft Education Edition. This Minecraft Education Edition is educational because it enhances creativity, problem-solving, self-direction, collaboration, and other skills.

If you want more details about the Levono EdVision Program, check the 5 Reasons to Join the Lenovo EdVisionsdVision Program, and No Budget? No Problem! FREE Microsoft Training Programs with Lenovo Edition

You can visit Lenovo EdVision on their official website and follow them on Facebook Lenovo EdVision to get more information.

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