Lenovo EdVision Summit

Lenovo EdVision Summit: Learning and Technology for Educators

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Lenovo Edvision Summit: Learning and Technology for Educators

In today’s academic world, it is observable the gap exists between the technology used by educators in their online class and the level of student’s learning while using the technology. Moreover, this COVID19 outbreak has forced several schools, colleges, and universities in the Philippines to change their current face-to-face class routine into a challenging online class with the students. This also serves as an alternative way of teaching and learning using technology.

This technology has been used for the learning of students and the platform of teachers in delivering class materials and conducting online classes. Also, here are some of the benefits of how technology impacts student learning, and reasons why we educators should make the most of technology.

  • Provide better access to resources.
  • Improve student engagement
  • Expand classroom boundaries
  • Encourage self-paced learning
  • Promote innovative teaching techniques

Furthermore, one year has passed using this technology for education but we can see that there’s still a big challenge in using and choosing the right technology as a platform for interaction with students. This leads us asking ourself as an educator:

  • How could we educators continue to provide the learning needs of our students?
  • Are the students of this generation really learning from online classes?
  • How can I prepare myself more to using the right technology and approach in this generation of students?

For us to answer these self-questions clearly, you can join this virtual event carefully curated for educators, academes, thought leaders, and students! Hear it straight from the experts in Singapore, Hong Kong, and the Philippines, on how our future classrooms would be utilized with the help of Lenovo’s newest technology solutions.

Register for Virtual Event: bit.ly/LenovoSummit2021

Lenovo EdVision Summit (Event exclusive to educators)

  • Bridging the Gap in Learning and Technology Under the Not so New Normal
  • Date/Time: March 23, 2021   |   3:00 pm – 6:00 pm (GMT +8)
  • Registration Link: bit.ly/LenovoSummit2021

Why Attend?

Bridging the Gap in Learning and Technology Under the Not so New Normal

Attend the summit to learn how you can better prepare students to excel in the digitalized world with a complete set of innovative solutions, supported by Lenovo, Intel vPro® platform, and Microsoft. Further, we will be exploring, together with esteemed speakers, panelists, and industry experts, how you can overcome the challenges schools face in transforming education and implementing new models of teaching, learning, and collaboration.

If you want more details about the Levono EdVision Program, check the 5 Reasons to Join the Lenovo EdVision Program, and No Budget? No Problem! FREE Microsoft Training Programs with Lenovo Edition

You can visit Lenovo EdVision on their official website and follow them on Facebook Lenovo EdVision to get more information.

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  1. As a mom of 4 and they are all ,on homeschooling 💕 this is what I really need! Extremely happy to know about this.so cool and awesome

  2. Lenovo EdVision, Truly Highly Recommended po talaga Thus Kuya Ras, Sobrang Ganda ng Quality at MagEenjoy ka po talaga gamitin.. sobrang laking tulong para sa mga Student, Teacher, or even All the Workers na Need Nito.