How Do I Change Everthing A Guide to Confidence

How Do I Change Everything: A Guide to Confidence

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It started when I was 22 years old when I have very low self-esteem. Not wanting to go outside to mingle with new friends, fearing that people might judge me for looking too skinny and ugly, and having a sense that they might reject me for who I am or how I look.

But as true as it may sound, the phrase “Your past does not define your future” has been something I hold dearly on to. So, let’s fast forward to a year later. I was 23 years old and really decided to change everything about myself. (Yah! I know it’s hard to set a goal like that but I did and I’m still on the process day-by-day)

The change that I wanted is not just about getting people to accept me. On a higher perspective, I took it as a challenge to grow and nurture myself to achieve the things I want for the future Renz. I wanted to become a Supermodel (Kidding!) I wanted to be that person full of confidence and positivity in life no matter what happens. Somebody whose happiness and joy do not depend on anything external. Even until now, I’m still that passionate guy who will lock eyes on a certain goal to achieve it, little by little, slowly but surely.

Through the years of life-changing experiences (still on the process) these are the most effective things to do if you want to become a confidently changed person.

1. Make a Workout Routine

Having at least 2-3 times a week working out can improve your mood, boost energy, promote better sleep, prevent diseases, and lastly control your weight.

Ops! Wag ka nang mag-antay ng kasama pa! Ikaw mismo ang masanay na kaya mong gawin yan kahit wala kang kasama. (Except kung may personal trainer ka para well guided sa gagawin mo)

2. Eat Good Food

You must eat good food and have a cheat day after 6 days of strict diet.

Don’t set everyday as your cheat day.

3. Make sure to Get Sleep

If you want to grow then sleep early!

Sleep can make you smarter

4. Learn More

Learning new things can expand your knowledge and make you stay updated. (Reading at for 30-60 mins every morning or night)

5. Socialize

Interact more with other people, friends, and family. (Interacting with them regularly can improve your communication and interpersonal skills)

Lastly, here are the steps I have taken to improve myself:

As a Marketer and Founder of Thinkable Box, there are things that I do to improve myself which consume a lot of time and effort.

1. Experiment – Testing plan with risk or A/B testing will help me identify which works and those that do not.
2. Learn  – Reading books from a great influencer in creativity, personal development, and marketing.
3. Feedback – I always ask for feedback right away. It’s more on self-checking if I did a really great job or I need to change something to become more effective and efficient.

Personal development is important because your income growth will never ever exceed your personal growth. And when one wants to achieve things that are larger than what they have achieved before…

..‘’You’ve got to become the best version of yourself’’.

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Renz Simpao

Hello, I'm Renz Simpao, an Educator, Blogger, and Freelance Digital Marketer who helps different brands to achieve their aim goals with a combined experience of 8 years in B2C, program development, and course training.


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  1. I love these tips. They are practical, reasonable and achievable naman. After all, we strive to change not for others’ approval but to improve ourselves. I wanna try yung work out per day.. ang hirap pero kailangan especially this holiday season! Merry Christmas! 🙂

  2. These are practical and doable tips. I like it when people share things that are actionable and easy to accomplish, not lofty and complex.

  3. Very timely for the holidays! haahaha Super I need na a workout and thank you for sharing this. This can inspire people na may chance pa sila maging good looking! By the way you look more handsome in person 🙂

  4. What a very inspiring and motivating story! And yes, I agree to your experiment, learn and ask feedback steps to bring a better change in oneself. Bless you!