Pied Piper Gastrolounge in Ermita, Manila

Saturday Night at Pied Piper Gastrolounge in Ermita, Manila

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“Saturday night at Gastrolounge in Ermita, Manila” is a perfect time for us to relax and chill with family and/or friends after a long productive week. Moreover, our Saturday night (or even Friday night) should always spend on an awesome night-out away from workloads, tasks, and deadlines.

Therefore, last March 2, 2019, we went to a Gastrolounge in Ermita, Manila to celebrate the success of South Bloggers’ first workshop done by Travel with Karla and Adam Belda. And then, we also experienced and witnessed the celebration of the first anniversary of the Pied Piper Gastrolounge in Ermin Manila. (You can check the album above to see my awesome photos.)

South Bloggers

In addition, it’s really quite unusual to hear about a “Gastrolounge ” and you might ask yourself, what is a Gastropub or Gastrolounge?

gastropub (sometimes referred to as a Gastrolounge) is a bar and restaurant that serves high-end beer and food. According to Wikipedia

Speaking of food, I would like to highlight the top food on their menu that you should order when you go here.

What to try in Pied Piper Gastrolounge?

Bacon Sushi Roll
This one would feel satisfy your cravings in sushi and bacon. They serve food with a twist especially in their taste
Crispy Spareribs
I also loved this because of tenderness and juiciness!
Chicken BBQ and Sisig 

What To-Do in Pied Piper Gastrolounge?

Have fun with friends, eat and drink!

Zeus (One of the South Bloggers)

Pied Piper Gastrolounge

Pied Piper Gastrolounge primarily serves Japanese fusion food concocted by Chef Mikel Zaguirre and Chef Joel Jimenez, both of Mikel Zaguirre Projects. Chef Mikel is the man behind the success of Locavore, FAT and Poke Poke. Pied Piper also serves all-time Filipino grilled specialties of its sister restaurant, Dadding’s Kitchenette, owned by Carlo Religioso.

“A feast for the taste buds and value for money—that’s what you get at Pied Piper.”

Menu Rates of Pied Piper Gastrolounge in Ermita, Manila


  • Gambas (PHP 320)
  • Sisig (PHP 300)
  • Saled Egg Chicken (PHP 280)
  • Buffalo Wings (PHP 220)
  • Grilled Sausage (PHP 180)
  • Nachos (PHP 260)
  • French Fries (PHP 150)
  • Bacon Sushi Roll (PHP 250)
  • Baked Tahong (PHP 280)


  • Rib-Eye Steak (USDA Grade) (PHP 1200)
  • Baked ChickenKewpie (PHP 550)
  • Ebi Tempura (PHP 420)
  • Chicken Teppanyaki w/ Umami Rice (PHP 420)
  • Kaisudon w/ Rice (PHP 300)
  • Rice (PHP 50)

Daddings Kitchenette:

  • Spareribs Half Rack w/ Fries (PHP 350)
  • Crispy Spareribs (PHP 320)
  • Bacon BBQ (PHP 220)
  • Chicken BBQ (PHP 320)
  • Tuna Panga (PHP 340)
  • Grilled Liempo (PHP 280)

Contact Information of Pied Piper Gastrolounge in Ermita, Manila

  • Address: G/F Red Planet Hotel Manila Bay, Arquiza Street corner Alhambra Sts. Ermita, Manila
  • Call: 9095827 (I suggest, if you want to reserve or inquire something call then directly)
  • Facebook: Pied Piper Gastrolounge | Instagram: @piedpipergastrolounge

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  1. Di naman madami ininom ko pero bakit mukha akong wasted dyan? HAHAHA. balik tayo tapos inom uliT!!!

  2. The place looks so chill. I might try this here soon because I’ll be attending an event somewhere in Ermita or near the area. Hopefully, I’ll get to try it here.

  3. Not into drinking pero this place looks so chill. I’ll try to look for this gastropub this when we go to Malate area.

  4. Ang ku-cute niyong tignan. I hope one day ma meet ko kayo. Nice to see group of bloggers doing gigs together.?

    About the place, so chillax and affordable naman foods..?

  5. Though I’m not a gastropup-kind-of-lady (I haven’t dine to any of these) based on your story, this one looks cool. I should share this to my Expat friends.

  6. I want to try the bacon sushi roll and crispy spareribs! Sayang, medyo malayo sa amin. Pero I might visit this pag nagawi ako sa Ermita 🙂

  7. The place looks perfect for a chillax weeknight! No glaring lights, no blaring sounds… Definitely on my list now.

  8. Hanging out with friends are the best part of a night out paired with delicious food. Is there a part 2 for this get together, I would love to try Gastrolounge with you guys 🙂

  9. Bat di niyo ko sinama? Jk. I’d seen other friends write about Pied Piper too so it must be really good. Infer the prices seem reasonable naman. 🙂 Hopefully makavisit soon.

  10. The food looks yummy and affordable! I think this is a nice place to celebrate with friends. And bruh, I love your pug shirt!