DoTerra Philippines‎ Essential Oils for Everybody

DoTerra Philippines‎: Essential Oils for Everybody

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Are you fond of using essential oils for your daily needs? or are you looking for relaxing and healing oils too? If yes, this is a perfect opportunity for you to explore these awesome essential products from “doTerra Philippines‎

Who is doTerra?

doTerra is a multi-level marketing company based in Pleasant Grove, Utah that sells essential oils and other related products. (Wikipedia , 2019) Furthermore, doTerra will soon open here in the Philippines as one of their branches around the world. (Makati-Based Area)

Essential Oils are for Everybody!

In addition, if you are considering using essential oils as a habit, this gives you all the needs and benefits of using it and make an informed decision about the life-changing use of essential oils. There are 3 factors in essential oils can help you:

1. Aromatic – You can use this for calming and purifying the air with unwanted odors.

2. Internal – You can use this internally to support your health. (Make sure to talk with the expert from DoTerra Philippines to guide you well)

3. Topical – Essential oils are easily absorbed by the skin and can be safely applied topically.

I highly suggest that you need to try the “Perpermint Oil”

You can down here the full benefits of DoTerra Philippines Essentials and FREE Slim and Sassy Brochure for your body goals

DoTerra Philippines Exclusive Event

Last May 1, 2019, we the South Bloggers were invited to attend this exclusive event of DoTerra Philippines and learned the benefits of using it and of course how this DoTerra will help others to start a business.

We came early in the event around 4:30 PM
Special Guest Speaker: Dan Hillstrom from USA (dōTERRA Triple Diamond)

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