Hi-Precision holds the World’s First Blood Lotto

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Manila, Philippines – To celebrate their 25th anniversary, leading diagnostic center Hi-Precision is rolling out their latest campaign called ‘“Blotto.” Patients who have their blood tested starting November 8, 2021, to January 31, 2022, have the chance in lotto to win Php 250,000.00!

Who would have thought that a blood test can be a lotto ticket?                                         

Joining is simple and easy! Go to www.hi-precision.com.ph and keep your CBC and platelet count blood test. The second digit from the left of your White Blood Cells, Red Blood Cells, Hemoglobin, Mean Corpuscular Volume, and Platelet Count results will be your Blotto numbers. If they match the numbers picked during the grand draw, you win Php 250,000!

And since we’re already in the Christmas season, it’s best to have you and your loved ones’ blood checked before all the feasting begins!                                                            

Check out this link to know if you’re qualified to join the Blotto https://www.hi-precision.com.ph/newsroom/Blotto. You can choose to get tested in Hi-Precision clinics or book home service on their app.

If no one wins in the draw, Hi-Precision will be donating the Php 250,000.00 to the Center for Health Improvement and Life Development (CHILD) Haus. CHILD Haus is a charity organization that provides a home for indigent children with cancer.

The Blotto was developed by Hi-Precision Diagnostic Centre in partnership with GIGIL, a leading independent ad agency.                                                        

Got questions? Visit the Hi-Precision Facebook page to see the latest Blotto updates.

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  1. Wow ang bongga naman po nito wala ka talo ang laki pa ng prizes na pwede mi mapanalunan. Thank you for sharing ideas po😍.

  2. Wow I love this campaign. Ang laki ng prize, it’s a win win pa. Making your health a priority is never been fun like this. Kudos for this.

  3. Wow I love this campaign. Ang laki ng prize, it’s a win win pa. Making your health a priority has never been fun like this. Kudos for this.