Build Your Clean Girl Wardrobe with Mantou Clothing (3)

Build Your Clean Girl Wardrobe with Mantou Clothing

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What exactly is the clean girl aesthetic? The fashion trend that grew in popularity because of TikTok takes inspiration from the “model-off-duty” and “no-makeup-makeup-looks.” From effortless sporty fits to classic minimalist looks, the clean girl aesthetic is all about dressing like you have your whole life together. Even celebrities and style icons like Hailey Bieber, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and Zoe Kravitz have been into the fashion trend.

Luckily for our Filipino fashionistas, Mantou Clothing is here to help you kickstart your clean girl aesthetic wardrobe. Mantou is a local brand that offers quality and minimalist pieces for that fresh and clean vibe. Whether you’re looking for jeans, tops, skirts, and even caps, Mantou is the new go-to shop for timeless pieces that exude simplicity and versatility without breaking the bank. In fact, fashion influencers like Christelle De Castro (@christelledc on IG & Tiktok), Nicole Go (@nicolexgo on IG & Tiktok), and Sam Piscacio (@sampicscasio on IG / @samxbeatrice on TikTok) have also been seen rocking Mantou looks.

Take a peek at just some of the highlight pieces of Mantou (See anything you like? This is your sign to treat yourself 😉)

Ready to build your #cleangirlaesthetic wardrobe with Mantou Clothing?

Find them here:

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  1. im so old i didnt know anything about this so called trend! haha! But im all for the neutrals! im not so keen of colorful clothes that it is a big problem for me when im required to wear something of a certain color 😀

  2. I like the minimalist and versatile look of this collection. Perfect for the Philippine year-long weather. The blazer and shorts coordinates are my favorite.

  3. Checking them out because I am changing my entire closet! I have a lot of clothes and I want to focus more on collecting neutral and minimalist collection.

  4. Ohhh, my first time to hear about the clean-girl wardrobe:-)… I guess, labels when it comes to fashion change every now and then. but i do like the looks that you feature here in your post.