BlogTrepreneur Experience in Harvest Marketplace Imus

BlogTrepreneur Experience in Harvest Marketplace Imus

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Passion comes with great effort and time management. As one of the Cavite Bloggers, blogging is not an easy job. You need to have that kind of eagerness and effort for you to become a successful blogger in your own way.

Thus, blogging is not just posting images but sharing your experience to your readers and help them discover new things and inspire them.

Furthermore, we bloggers from the south (Travel with Karla, Chelsea Sayo, Refill and Beyond, and Thinkable Box) experienced this “BlogTrepreneur” in Harvest Marketplace Imus. And I’ll tell you what to do if you’re a blogger and want to start your own mini-store / online store.

BlogTrepreneur Tips

This is just simple tips for those who wants to know basic of selling your products and if you want to dig deeper to this. You can shoot me an email at (Free Consultation)

1. Know Your Market – You should know your prospects or your potential buyers. You can’t create any sales with knowing them 1st. Do some research about their needs and buying power.

2. Prepare your Product – After analyzing your market, this is the perfect time for you to choose what kind of products you want to sell to them.

3. Choose a Place – Make sure your store is visible to your potential customers and of course, create an attractive layout for your store atmosphere.

4. Set a Right Pricing – Set the right pricing strategy of your products. Remember the buying power of your potential customers.

  • Bundle Pricing – Set of goods or services for a lower price than they would charge if the customer bought all of them separately. 
  • Psychological Pricing (99, 88, 39, 499, 599)
  • Competitive Pricing – Lower than the other competitors

Bundle Pricing
Competitive Pricing

5. Create an Awesome Promotion – Attract customers by providing awesome promotion.

  • Personal Selling – This is focused on the face-to-face session with your customers. (Create a trust-based relationship than transaction-focused relationship)
  • Sales Promotion – Provide discounts to your customers especially when they order a lot of products from your store.
  • Internet – Use this to spread awareness of your target market or potential customers.
  • Advertisement – Use of banners, tarpaulins, and etc.
  • Public Relation – Join events like a bazaar, and many more. Provide sponsorship or collaboration with others.
  • Direct Marketing – Use your mail, email, and mobile phone for reaching potential customers.

Information about Harvest Marketplace, Imus

Harvest Marketplace ang unang #Mallengke sa Pilipinas! Komportable parang mall, pero sulit at presyong palengke! 

Harvest Marketplace – Imus

If you have something in mind that would support this article feel free to comment down below! <3

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  1. Thank you for sharing tips tlga nman very informative and very helpful ito sa lahat ng blogtrepeneur or sa mga nag sisimula pa lang . Tlgang ndi pla kadali ang pagging blogtrepenuer , tlgang Passion comes with great effort and time management. ❤️

  2. You’re one of the most inspiring bloggers. Thank you for sharing this helpful tips on how to become a successful blogtrepreneur. Yes all this ideas was so informative and interesting. I totally agree with Passion comes with great effort and time management. This is the reality that we must be aware to achieved our goals in life.

  3. Passion comes with great effort and time management. This Quote ang pumukaw sa aking kaisipan 💯😊 truly If You love your Passion or yung mga bagay na ginagawa Mo, you make always happen for this, you always do the Best para patuloy mapagtagumpayan ito 💙💙 Salamat sa pagshare nito Sir Renz truly this Is So Worth to Share, I Really Love this Content such a great Experience Indeed being a Blogger.

  4. You are a millennial that thinking about your future,ika nga madiskarteng bata ,kudos for being an inspiration,which I’m sure ,a lot with same age as you, motivated and uplifted

  5. Thank you for this very imformational blog post! As a student, limited lang ang budget ko since dumedepende lang ako sa allowance na binibigay sakin ng parents ko and I decided to have a loading business para bumili ng mga gusto kong bilhin! Salamat sa tips! Sana ma-try ko rin ‘to HAHAHA