Alberto's by DJ Seungli Suites and Resort in Amadeo

Alberto’s by DJ Seungli Suites and Resort in Amadeo

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Are you visiting Amadeo? If so, you’ll want to check out the Alberto’s by DJ Seungli Suites, and Resort in Amadeo is a great place to stay when you’re in town. This Suites and Resort in Amadeo are spacious and comfortable, with a natural view of Amadeo. I recommend booking this Alberto’s by DJ Seungli, if you want to relax after a long day exploring all places in Amadeo, Tagaytay, or even in Silang has to offer!

What to Expect in the Suites and Resort in Amadeo

If you’ve ever wanted to go on a trip that’s Instagram-worthy, this one is for you. With a great view of nature, as well as a garden area where you can relax with your friends and family while enjoying the view.

Alberto’s is the perfect place to stay for a night or two in Amadeo. With 10 rooms, each with air-conditioning and shower heaters, you’ll be able to enjoy your stay in the most comfortable way possible. The staff at Alberto’s by DJ Seungli Suites and Resort in Amadeo are also friendly and welcoming—they will make sure that your stay is memorable and enjoyable!

There are many activities to keep you busy while you’re on vacation here.

  • You can swim in the outdoor pool and also has a kiddie pool for younger kids who want to splash around in the water.
  • Play billiards, darts, or KTV room.
  • Do a bonfire at night with family and friends.
  • Watch movies on the big screen TV in the movie room!

In addition, You can enjoy a spacious dining area located on the second floor and kitchen space—but you’ll need to bring your own tableware. Serving plate, paper plate, plastic cups, plastic spoons & forks. Here are some other things they have:

  • Water dispenser (₱50 per gallon of drinking water)
  • Refrigerator or Freezer, Microwave, and Rice Cooker
  • BBQ Grill but be sure to bring your own charcoal
  • For the Gas Range with LPG, just add ₱250

Free use of the tent, rattan umbrella, and chairs for those who want to enjoy their meals at the poolside. The resort offers spacious parking at the back of the property, which makes it easy to load up your luggage and get off to explore the surrounding area.

In addition, those who want to work can use the WiFi for free while enjoying the resort itself together with family and friends. Your safety is guaranteed with their 24-hour CCTV.

What’s more, the resort also offers a Bali-inspired breakfast when you stay at Alberto’s by DJ Seungli Suites and Resort in Amadeo just ask their staff to set it up for you. Lastly, this is also a pet-friendly resort and a vacation destination for the whole family, including your furry friends.

Price of Alberto’s by DJ Seungli Suites and Resort in Amadeo

The cost of staying at Alberto’s by DJ Seungli Suites and Resort in Amadeo is different depending on the number of rooms and pax you’ll book.

  • 5 rooms- maximum of 15 pax (P17,500)
  • 6 rooms- maximum of 18 pax (P20,000)
  • 7 rooms- maximum of 21 pax (P22,500)
  • 8 rooms- maximum of 24 pax (P25,000)
  • 10 rooms – maximum of 30 pax (P27,500)

Rates are based on sleeping capacity. In excess of 30 pax have ₱250 fee per head. This is to ensure that all guests are comfortable and enjoy their stay at the resort in Amadeo. You can bring food & drinks no corkage fee. Outside “catering services” has a corkage fee ₱4,000.

How to get there in Alberto’s by DJ Seungli in Amadeo?

  • If you’re from Imus, Dasma, or Bacoor, you can ride a bus/jeep (with a route sign of Trece/Manggahan) and tell the driver to drop you off in “Manggahan” then look for the Terminal for Amadeo. Then, tell the driver to drop you off in the “Albertos Banay-Banay”.
  • If you’re from Tagaytay, go to the Amadeo Terminal then ride a jeep with a route sign Manggahan. Then, tell the driver to drop you off in the “Albertos Banay-Banay”.
  • If you’re from Tagaytay or Silang there are many ways to go in Alberto’s by DJ Seungli Suites and Resort. You can use this Google Map or Waze to find the exact location.

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  1. I love the place especially the Bali inspired breakfast. The rate is also not that expensive. Now I really wanna go on vacation!

  2. Thanks for introducing to us this gorgeous place in Tagaytay. I’ll check their availability during the week that we are in the Philippines this December. Spending a couple of days here would be nice.