Smart Logistics Solutions ML Moves Connecting Families

Smart Logistics Solutions: ML Moves Connecting Families

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M Lhuillier has become more than just your average lending and money transfer spot in the Philippines’ financial services and logistics landscape. They’ve become the “Tulay ng PaMLyang Pilipino ” – the bridge that links families through money and smart logistics solutions.

They expanded beyond traditional financial services. Introducing “ML Moves,” the company aimed to be more than a financial hub, offering a range of services to the community. Recognizing the growth potential, M Lhuillier ventured into the logistics sector in 2015. 

Smart Logistics Solutions: ML Moves Connecting Families

ML Moves emerged as a hub for third-party logistics partners, providing diverse services for walk-in customers and those engaged in online transactions.

Effortless Local and Global Connections

ML Moves has taken the hassle out of parcel sending, offering a convenient and reliable service for local and international shipments. ML Moves lies in its simplicity – customers can drop off their parcels at any M Lhuillier branch, turning these locations into accessible and efficient hubs for sending items. 

ML Moves engages local couriers for domestic shipments, ensuring a swift and secure delivery process within the country. This localized approach adds an extra layer of efficiency, as the service leverages the expertise of couriers familiar with the nuances of the local delivery landscape.

ML Moves partners with the well-known DHL regarding global destinations, providing customers access to an expansive and trusted international courier network. This strategic collaboration ensures that parcels for overseas locations benefit from DHL’s expertise and global reach, promising a reliable and timely delivery experience. 

Express Network

The widespread availability of M Lhuillier branches translates into a user-friendly system where customers can effortlessly integrate parcel sending into their daily routines. This accessibility not only streamlines the logistics for customers but also enhances the overall efficiency of the parcel delivery process.

The move to utilize existing branches as drop-off points demonstrates a keen understanding of customer needs and a commitment to making logistics more user-centric. ML Moves simplifies sending parcels and transforms the customer experience by providing accessible and familiar drop-off points within the extensive M Lhuillier branch network.

Empowering Online Sellers and Shoppers

Smart Logistics Solutions: ML Moves Connecting Families

Seamless Returns: Hassle-Free Refunds and Exchanges

What sets ML Moves apart is its commitment to providing a hassle-free experience for both sellers and buyers. ML Moves eliminates the logistical challenges that often trouble return procedures by taking charge of the return shipment process. This streamlines operations for online sellers and ensures that buyers can effortlessly navigate the return journey.

The partnership between ML Moves and Shopee reflects a forward-thinking approach to customer satisfaction, as the collaboration addresses a critical pain point in the online shopping experience. As e-commerce continues to grow, ML Moves aims to innovate and demonstrate that even the problems of returns can be transformed into a seamless and customer-centric process.

Flexible Branch Pick-up: Your Schedule, Your Convenience

In collaboration with Lazada, ML Moves introduces a unique feature allowing customers to choose their nearest M Lhuillier branch for package delivery. This will enable customers to pick up their parcels conveniently, enhancing the overall delivery experience.

Efficient Support for Online Sellers

Understanding the needs of e-commerce sellers, ML Moves designates selected branches as drop-off points for parcels from chosen Lazada and Shopee sellers. Couriers from these platforms periodically collect batches of parcels from M Lhuillier branches, streamlining the logistics chain for final delivery.

ML Moves Filipino Communities

ML Moves reflects M Lhuillier’s commitment to innovation and adaptability in the dynamic financial and logistics services landscape. Beyond financial transactions, ML Moves serves as a testament to the company’s dedication to providing holistic services and meeting the diverse needs of its customers, both locally and globally. As M Lhuillier blends finance with logistics, ML Moves becomes a bridge, connecting and empowering Filipino families!

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