Food Learning Games You Should Try

Food Learning Games You Should Try

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We have been experiencing a global pandemic; many businesses have been closed due to quarantine restrictions. Schools need to temporarily shut down and resort to online learning using different online platforms. With this situation, we resulted in depending on the online materials they’ve sent and been more resourceful on what available learning materials online. Right?

The good thing about the use of the internet, I found an online food learning games website that helps familiarize myself with food, farming, cooking, culinary arts, restaurant business, and hospitality-related careers. I’ve tried to play different games and I love this Open Restaurant. This is an isometric restaurant game where a person must act as the Maître D’, waiter, server, cashier, and cleaner for a busy restaurant. This game does a great job showing how busy restaurants are and how much work servers must do between seating guests, taking orders, serving food & collecting payments.

Food Learning Games You Should Try

Each day the restaurant has a target earnings amount. Players meeting their earnings goal move on to the Each day the restaurant has a target earnings amount. Players who were meeting their earnings goal move on to the next day. This game works offline but does take about 30 seconds to load on the initial play. It has a lot going on and can be overwhelming for younger children. As it is fast-paced, it is a good fit for students in sixth grade on up.

Moreover, you gonna love this “Calculate Your Tip & Estimate Your Share of the Check” and you can learn the History of Tipping. Aside from this, I like the concept of Can I Eat It?. It is a game for kids where they quickly click yes or no on if they think an item is edible. This is fun yet they learn!

Benefits of Food Learning Games

In addition, playing games while learning gives you beneficial effects and research found that people who played the game were able to show increased communication, adaptability, and resourcefulness scales, compared to the control group – all skills that are seen as being key for graduate success. Glasgow University (2017)

If you’re looking for other food online games aside from what I’ve mentioned in this blog, you may check these Culinary Schools. Have fun playing and learning! <3

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