Unmasked: A Photo Exhibit by Howie Severino and Atom Araullo

Unmasked: A Photo Exhibit by Howie Severino and Atom Araullo

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A photo exhibit by I-Witness documentarists Howie Severino and Atom Araullo from January 28 to February 4, 2024, at SM City Dasmariñas. The SM Supermalls is the venue partner of the “Unmasked: A Photo Exhibit by Howie Severino and Atom Araullo,” featured photos from the field that captured the stories of people and places by the journalists encountered in their fieldwork.

A Meeting of Minds

The exhibit was attended by students and teachers from various schools in Cavite, including the Cavite State University-Journalism Guild, National University-Dasmariñas, Far Eastern University-Cavite, Emilio Aguinaldo College-Cavite, Imus National High School, Power of Filipino Youth-Cavite Extension, and Tropical Village National High School.

These attendees had the unique opportunity to interact with Severino and Araullo, who generously shared their insights and experiences in documentary-making. It was a chance for these aspiring journalists and storytellers to learn from two of the industry’s best.

Capturing Moments, Telling Stories

The photos were more than just images; they were narratives frozen in time. They included scenes from Bangladesh, The Island Without Land, Around the World, Drug War 2016 – 2022, the Taal Volcano Eruption of 2020, and the COVID-19 Pandemic.

One of the most poignant displays was Severino’s documentation of his battle with COVID-19, which he survived and documented in his viral documentary “Ako si Patient 2828”.

Inspiring the Next Generation

“Unmasked: A Photo Exhibit by Howie Severino and Atom Araullo” aimed to bring these stories to a broader audience and inspire aspiring storytellers. It served as a reminder of the power of journalism and the importance of telling stories that matter.

Ultimately, “Unmasked” was more than just a photo exhibit; it was a testament to the resilience of the human and the power of storytelling.

What was your main learning from the pandemic?

In addition to the captivating photographs adorning the exhibit’s walls, Severino and Araullo provided a unique element: a freedom wall. This space invited attendees to reflect on their experiences and share their insights by answering the question: “What was your main learning from the pandemic?

This thoughtful inclusion fostered a sense of community and collective reflection, allowing them to engage with the exhibit personally. As attendees penned their reflections on the freedom wall, different perspectives emerged, capturing the resilience, contemplation, and newfound wisdom during the challenging times of the pandemic.

Now, turning the question back to me, if you were to ask about my own learnings from the pandemic, one of the most significant lessons has been the importance of resilience and adaptability. The pandemic reshaped our lives unforeseen, forcing us to confront uncertainty and challenges. Yet, amidst the chaos, I’ve witnessed humanity’s remarkable capacity to persevere, innovate, and support one another.

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