A Road to Discovery & Mastery

Thinkable Box comes from the words “think” to have a particular idea, “able” to do something, and box that represents yourself. It means to enable you to reach your full potential towards your goal/s.

Our vision is to ensure the growth and development of the stakeholders that will lead to personal or professional goals towards success.

Our mission is to build a community that will give opportunities for the people to share ideas and help them to develop themselves in terms of understanding their true value, enhance/develop physically, spiritually, and mentally, control and recognize the self-capacity and self-realization towards full potential.

Thinkable Box was founded on March 9, 2015, and it focuses on the following:

  • Self-Discovery –  Allow yourself to deeply understand your true value;
  • Self-Development – Allow yourself to enhance/develop physically and mentally towards the fulfillment of your awesome potential;
  • Self-Mastery –  Allow yourself to control and understand your true self-capacity; and
  • Self-Actualization: Allow yourself to realize your full potential.

In addition, we are concentrating on achieving your goals in life with the right resources that you can use. Thinkable Box is still growing its network and keeps its readers hooked on the positive side of thinking.

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