A Road to Discovery and Mastery by Thinkable Box

Vision: An imaginative approach for creativity management and personal development for the community.

Mission: To build an online community and organize events that will give opportunities for people to share ideas about personal development and creativity management.

Thinkable Box was founded on March 9, 2015 and it focuses on the following: Self-Discovery –  Allow yourself to deeply understand your true value; Self-Development – Allow yourself to enhance/develop physically and mentally towards fulfillment of your Awesome potential; Self-Mastery –  Allow yourself to control and understand your true self-capacity; and Self-Actualization: Allow yourself to realize your full potential.

We believe that there is something we can offer to the people that would promote not only intelligent decision-making but also the right steps towards personal development and creativity management. In addition, Thinkable Box is still growing its network and keeps its readers hooked on the creative side of thinking.

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