After months of planning with little of delays. haha! We are finally launching our official Podcast – Project of Thinkable Box and The Ched Project.

Launch Date:

  • January 15, 2016 @ 6PM | Every Friday @ 6PM
  • Subscribe to our Youtube and Soundcloud Channel
  • Official Podcast hashtag: #iPersonalPH

To give you an overview, iPersonalPH Podcast is created through the initiative of Thinkable Box and The Ched Project with the vision to educate, motivate and inspire people.

This podcast is about personal development that mainly focus on self-betterment and self-advancement so that listeners can apply this in their personal and professional life.

iPersonalPH Podcast will kick off by closely working with chosen Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Bloggers who would be kind enough to lend us their time and expertise by guesting in the show. 

To join this podcast just simply sign up to our form here: We actually have Youtube and Soundcloud channel that you can subscribe on.

Feel free to follow us to our social media account in here to be updated on what’s going on to our podcast: Facebook and Twitter

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